Etchells Tuesday Night Series- Racing resumes for 2013

Close racing in the Etchells World Championship Sydney Australia 2012.

Flight 8 of the Auckland Etchells Tuesday Night Season were sailed on Tuesday January 30, 2013, Fleet Captain Alex Webster reports:

We're back! They're back (you know who I mean) and it's time to roll the dice again because the series is far from over...

As stalwarts of the fleet were breaking the ice on the second half of the season (hardly - another scorcher), your correspondent was treading the familiar path from Pier Z to the boatyard with another Etchells on the tow bar - seriously, what a palaver - but as I (re-) crossed the harbour bridge I stole a long glance at the ensuing action off the Wynyard Quarter - and it was evident that, notwithstanding the furtive breeze, all was simmering action on the race course.

Sailing is, of course, famously, the only sport that technology has had to speed-up (rather than slow-down), in order to make watchable. But if you know what to look for, it is every bit as exciting as cricket (bear with me here) in those pivotal moments when, suddenly and precipitously, there is everything to play for and everything is in flux. Admittedly, as kiwis, you are unlikely to have experienced this as often as, I don't know, every other test nation, but surely you know what I mean. It is the uncertainty, the unfolding drama, the chaos, that makes it interesting...

So, enough with the procrastination and the summer-holiday apathy. YOU can win this thing - you can move up, you can do better than you did last year, you can have fun doing it, you can win the respect of your peers...

Five boats is awesome, but 12 boats is better. See you next week.

A suggestion for the Tuesday Night Series - Part Deux - an 'invitational' for potential new owner/drivers: They drive your boat and it doesn't count?!?! Not sure why I put question marks there. It is obviously a brilliant idea. Let's ink it in for the Tuesday after next?

p.s. there is no Flight 7 report - sorry.

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