Etchells Australian Championship - Perfect weather on day 2

Etchells National Championship 2013, day two and Matthew Chew’s Gen XY team, with better starts, are heading towards the top of the three.
Michael Jennings
In the Etchells Australian Championship, being hosted by Southport Yacht Club on Queensland’s Gold Coast, the second day of racing saw the top two teams trade places overall in another day of perfect Etchells weather.

Going into the start of the day John Bertrand’s Triad was on equal first with David Clark’s Fifteen. Peter McNeill’s Iris III and Cameron Miles’s The Hole Way were in equal points, fighting for third.

A day of relatively steady breezes, good tactical calls and a poor start by Miles, shook the top three branches of the pointscore tree with Miles falling down and Matthew Chew’s GenXY climbing up.

Race one of the day was set up in 10 to 12 knots with the top mark at 030 degrees. PRO Kevin Wilson reported that at the start, like yesterday’s first race, he had only two boats over. 'Miles was one and the other was Peter Hollis’s Heaven Can Wait. They both came back and then had to fight their way through the traffic. Cameron got some way into the fleet, but was still a fair way back and wasn’t a happy boy when he went through the finish line,' Wilson said. Miles finished that race in a costly 16th place.

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A jovial Bertrand handed this afternoon’s race commentary over to his middle-man, Grant Simmer. 'It was a good day. In Race one we had a good race with Polly O’Neill. We led most of the race, then he just got inside of us at the last time at the top mark. We were having a bit of a battle with Noel Drennan and so he (McNeill) pipped us at the top mark and led to the finish.'

With the finish being downhill, Simmer said everyone was using the ocean swell, working the waves as best they could, in some cases picking up three or four places on their rivals.

The honours in Race one went to McNeill, with Bertrand in second, Clark quietly holding his own to slip into third and Chew in fourth, all within 23 seconds of each other.

Race two was away in more pressure, gusting to 16 knots with the swell and white caps challenging the 30-boat fleet. This time Bertrand wasn’t going to let anyone in on his lane as he led the fleet around the track to finish some 25 seconds ahead of young Chew with Clark again holding onto a third place.

'We just got ahead of Matthew Chew on the first beat and we were able to extend quietly as the race went on. Tactically it was a bit of an easier race for us. David Clark was also going well in both races.

'It’s good racing. There is a group of about eight or 10 boats that could easily win any of the races so is really close racing,' Simmer said.

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Chew finished the day with second and a fourth moving him up to equal fourth with Noel Drennan. 'We had a great day, playing the game with the top boats. It was very close racing on a short course.

'We have got better every race so far. We have had better starts. The first race we were over and the second race we had a bad start and then we had two good starts today. Our boat speed has been good in all races, but it is really our starting that has improved the most.

'Tomorrow, if we keep our current trend, hopefully we will win a race,' Chew said.

Simmer expects the conditions tomorrow to be a bit lighter than today. 'Today was just perfect sailing, between 14 and 18 knots. There was only small wind shifts. Tomorrow we expect it to be between eight and 12 knots.'

OD results Start : 11:05
PlaceSail NoBoat NameFromElapsdSkipperFin TimScore
11325IRIS IIILMYC01:08:00Peter Mc Neill12:13:001.0
21383TRIADRBYC01:08:11John Bertrand12:13:112.0
31380FIFTEEN+CYCA01:08:16David Clark12:13:163.0
4864GEN XYRQYS01:08:23Matthew Chew12:13:234.0
51215BOAT XRBYC01:08:32Noel Drennan12:13:325.0
61392BOOTROSSRQYS01:08:39Mark Bradford12:13:396.0
71377ROULETTERSYS01:08:44Mark Johnson12:13:447.0
8991THE BOATRBYC01:08:53Jake Gunther12:13:538.0
91338CRITICAL BALANCELMYC01:09:00Paul Garaty12:14:009.0
101186TOUCH PAUSE ENGAGERSYS01:09:06Michael Stovin-Bradf12:14:0610.0
11868YANDOO XXRSYS01:09:34Jeanne-Claude Strong12:14:3411.0
121088SUN TZURSYS01:09:41Roger Hickman12:14:4112.0
13874TANGORBYC01:09:59Chris Hampton12:14:5913.0
14994CREWS CONTROLCSC01:10:08Howard Blowes12:15:0814.0
15885THE BOAT THAT ROCKEDRQYS01:10:17James Chilman12:15:1715.0
161306THE HOLE WAYRPAYC01:10:18Cameron Miles12:15:1816.0
17892XXXX XXXXXXXRQYS01:10:30John Warlow12:15:3017.0
181276REBOUNDSYC01:10:37Scott McInally12:15:3718.0
191395SHOULD'A GONE LEFTRBYC01:10:42Peter Coleman12:15:4219.0
201144RAPSCALLIONRQYS01:10:50David Healey12:15:5020.0
211318ADOLESCENCERSYS01:10:57Steve Billingham12:15:5721.0
22883TUSKRPYC01:11:05Cary Smith12:16:0522.0
231288GOOD VIBESWSC01:11:22Robert Holm12:16:2223.0
2412781278 HEAVEN CAN WAITRQYS01:11:29Peter Hollis12:16:2924.0
251275TREKKACYCA01:11:31Mike Thackray12:16:3125.0
261347FUNKY COLD MEDINASYC01:11:32Kelvin Holdt12:16:3226.0
27731WHERES WALLYSYC01:11:45Greg Forgan-Smith12:16:4527.0
28418TUCORQYS01:12:01Alistair Cowen12:17:0128.0
291025WALK ON WATERRBYC01:12:35Glenn Norton12:17:3529.0
301365JUNGLE DRUMRQYS01:13:04Stephen Toms12:18:0430.0

OD results Start : 12:59
PlaceSail NoBoat NameFromElapsdSkipperFin TimScore
11383TRIADRBYC01:02:24John Bertrand14:01:241.0
2864GEN XYRQYS01:02:52Matthew Chew14:01:522.0
31380FIFTEEN+CYCA01:03:01David Clark14:02:013.0
41215BOAT XRBYC01:03:03Noel Drennan14:02:034.0
51325IRIS IIILMYC01:03:23Peter Mc Neill14:02:235.0
61306THE HOLE WAYRPAYC01:03:26Cameron Miles14:02:266.0
71338CRITICAL BALANCELMYC01:04:11Paul Garaty14:03:117.0
81392BOOTROSSRQYS01:04:16Mark Bradford14:03:168.0
91088SUN TZURSYS01:04:22Roger Hickman14:03:229.0
10885THE BOAT THAT ROCKEDRQYS01:04:47James Chilman14:03:4710.0
111377ROULETTERSYS01:04:52Mark Johnson14:03:5211.0
121144RAPSCALLIONRQYS01:05:01David Healey14:04:0112.0
13874TANGORBYC01:05:17Chris Hampton14:04:1713.0
1412781278 HEAVEN CAN WAITRQYS01:05:24Peter Hollis14:04:2414.0
15892XXXX XXXXXXXRQYS01:05:39John Warlow14:04:3915.0
161276REBOUNDSYC01:05:40Scott McInally14:04:4016.0
17994CREWS CONTROLCSC01:05:53Howard Blowes14:04:5317.0
181318ADOLESCENCERSYS01:06:05Steve Billingham14:05:0518.0
191186TOUCH PAUSE ENGAGERSYS01:06:14Michael Stovin-Bradf14:05:1419.0
201347FUNKY COLD MEDINASYC01:06:19Kelvin Holdt14:05:1920.0
21991THE BOATRBYC01:06:22Jake Gunther14:05:2221.0
221395SHOULD'A GONE LEFTRBYC01:06:30Peter Coleman14:05:3022.0
231288GOOD VIBESWSC01:06:31Robert Holm14:05:3123.0
24868YANDOO XXRSYS01:06:39Jeanne-Claude Strong14:05:3924.0
25731WHERES WALLYSYC01:06:57Greg Forgan-Smith14:05:5725.0
26418TUCORQYS01:07:17Alistair Cowen14:06:1726.0
271365JUNGLE DRUMRQYS01:07:43Stephen Toms14:06:4327.0
281275TREKKACYCA01:08:32Mike Thackray14:07:3228.0
DNC883TUSKRPYC Cary Smith 31.0
DNC1025WALK ON WATERRBYC Glenn Norton 31.0

Day three of the National Championship starts tomorrow at about 1100 hours.

For more event information South Port Yacht Club Website