Entries Open for 2013 Fastway Cat Week(end) & SEQ Nacra Championships

SYC Sailing 046 - 2013 Fastway Catweek(end) & SEQ Nacra Championships
Kelvin Holdt

Entries have already started arriving for the 2013 Fastway Cat Week(end) & SEQ Nacra Championships. This year's Catweek has been reduced to a weekend regatta due to Southport Yacht Club's hosting of the Nacra Infusion World Championships from the second - 7th February 2013

The Fastway Catweek is normally run over a week with the SEQ Nacra Championships being held over the weekend and attracts up 45 Off The Beach Catamarans, we are expecting this number to increase this year as the F18's will be arriving for the Worlds and will be looking for a hit out prior to the regatta's start date.

If you have been before you will know how much fun this regatta is both on and off the water... if you haven't then you need to get your entries in and come and experience the Gold Coast's hospitality and great sailing conditions here at Southport Yacht Clubs, Hollywell Sailing Squadron.

Click here for more info: http://www.southportyachtclub.com.au/page113.html

Following on from both the Catweek(end) and Nacra Infusion World Championships will be the The Great Race 2013, an endurance race that takes competeitors from Hollywell Sailing Squadron to Royal Queensland Sailing Squadron at Manly, Brisbane. Click here for more info: http://www.southportyachtclub.com.au/page114.html