Elias gets a helping hand. Jeppesen offers free charts

Elias the Little Rescue Boat - the mascot of the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue
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Elias gets a helping hand. The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, whose mascot is Elias, the little Rescue Boat, and has 43 vessels continuously manned and on standby along the coast of Norway, is to have electronic navigational charts donated by Jeppesen.

The company will provide fleetwide Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) at no cost to the rescue organisation, which responds to around 6000 calls a year.

It's not the first time that Jeppesen has come to the party to assist the organisation. NSSR boats and vessels have used Jeppesen digital charts with regular updates and supplementary data for the past 11 years, and have received information technology support from the company.

However, Jeppesen is expanding its support of the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (NSSR) by providing fleetwide Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) at no cost, in collaboration with PRIMAR and the Norwegian Hydrographic Service (NHS).

'We will not only back the ENCs with online digital updates, but we will also continue to expand our collaboration with the NSSR,' says Egil Aarstad, managing director and general manager at Jeppesen Marine.

Elias is, no doubt, very appreciative!

About Elias:
The society's official mascot is Elias the Little Rescue Boat, who is the main character of an animated series shown on national Norwegian television. Elias is used by local chapters of the society to teach children about safety at sea. Affiliated merchandise and children's clubs are also promoted. Elias has been nominated as one of the best children's TV series in the Emmy Awards.