Step aboard, good people (not so good people too, I guess, no discrimination here), slip off the deck shoes and settle down and make ready to absorb the latest news.

As usual, we’ve got it all, from the UIM Unlimited Inboard World Championships to the spectacular jet-powered Superboats about to line up for the Australian championships this weekend.

A local boy, local that is for those of us who live right here on the Queensland Gold Coast, Troy Marland, is now the world’s #1 Unlimited Inboard champ and we have some great photos from ace lensman Wayne Johnston.

Down Sydney way, an old mate Steve Batton, now a highly successful Maritimo dealer is arranging a ‘Cruise for a Cure’, with a very worthwhile cause in mind, helping youngsters less fortunate than others.

Across the Pacific, American powerboat racers are no doubt pretty impressed with global boat shipping company Peters May, which is now throwing valuable sponsorship dollars into the sport.

'Miss Peters and May', the UIM hydro capable of 200mph (320km/hr)- plus.
supplied by Peters and May

While we’re across the big blue, in Florida, to be precise, two of their lads are in trouble with the law, apparently stealing boats with the intention of shipping them to Australia.

They apparently believed that in Australia 'boat sales are booming.' Gee, I reckon they’d get some argument on that here.

Looking north, which is where powerboat racers will be looking, the always well-attended Bundy Thunder is getting set for its 11th staging at Bundaberg, on the Central Queensland coast.

And we take a look at just how much power Australian Customs has; can customs officers board your boat, uninvited?

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