Dunning-Beck leads after Day 1 at the 2010 Starling Nationals

Christchurch sailor Brittany Wornall at the first mark rounding of the 2010 Starling Nationals. - Davie Norris Boatbuilders 2010 Starling National Championships
Sutter Schumacher

After three races, Logan Dunning-Beck leads the Davie Norris Boatbuilders 2010 Starling Nationals at Naval Point Club Lyttelton. Just one point behind is arch rival Declan Burn, followed by another close rival, Luke Stevenson, with just two points more.

These three names should be familiar to even the most recent convert among youth sailing spectators; Burn, Stevenson, and Dunning-Beck took the top three places, respectively, at the Davie Norris Boatbuilders 2010 Starling Match Race Nationals just two days ago on these same waters.

Of course it bears repeating that, with nine more races scheduled over the next three days, anything can (and probably will) happen. After all, the trio are joined by more than 90 other sailors keen to get their hands on a piece of silverware at this week's regatta.

Showing just how eager they all are, the race committee had to call at least three general recalls today for both the yellow and blue starting fleets in the second and third races as the sailors pushed one another over the start line before the signal sounded. (The high number of entries has required splitting the fleet into blue and yellow divisions for a qualifying series today and tomorrow, before the final series on Friday and Saturday.)

Sam Makay and Holly Novis running down the course at the 2010 Starling Nationals in Lyttelton - Davie Norris Boatbuilders 2010 Starling National Championships
Sutter Schumacher

Add to the recalls a 90-minute postponement before the first race this morning – necessary to allow the wind fill on the harbour and settle to a relatively steady 5-12 knot ENE breeze – and you had for a very long day on the water. The last of the racers were still coming in off the water just before 6 p.m., after eight hours afloat.

There will be added pressure tomorrow on those racers who finished today in the middle of the pack to notch solid scores and thus gain a spot in the gold division for the final half of the series. Those who don't finish in the top half of the combined standings after tomorrow will compete in the silver fleet on Friday and Saturday.

Event: Davie Norris 2010 Starling National Championships
Venue: Naval Point Club Lyttelton, Lyttelton Harbour
Race Date: 13 January 2010
Number of boats entered: 96

Provisional overall standings (top 20) in both yellow and blue fleets, after 3 races

1) Logan Dunning-Beck, Wakatere Boating Club, 5 points
2) Declan Burn, Queen Charlotte Yacht Club, 6 points
3) Luke Stevenson, Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club, 8 points
4) James Roberts, Wakatere Boating Club, 11 points
5) Sam McKenzie, Auckland, 12 points
6) Chris Steele, Wakatere Boating Club, 14 points
7) Etienne LePen, S.R.C Noumea, 22 points
8) Brad Moss, Murrays Bay Boating Club, 22 points
9) Matthew Kempker, Wakatere Boating Club, 22 points
10) Elise Beavis, Murrays Bay Boating Club, 23 points
11) Gareth Moore, Waimakariri Sailing and Power Boat Club, 24 points
12) Mathew Vining, Nelson Yacht Club, 26 points
13) Andrew McKenzie, Kohimarama, 27 points
14) Carey Shelley Timaru Yacht and Power Boat Club, 29 points
15) Alex Dtet, Torbay Sailing Club, 34 points
16) Mahia Pepper, Murrays Bay Sailing Club/Wakatere Boating Club, 34 points
17) Naomi Mannering, Napier Sailing Club, 34 points
18) Alex Morris, Macandrew Bay Boating Club, 39 points
19) Sam Herron, Naval Point Club Lyttelton, 39 points
20) Brittany Wornall, Mount Pleasant YC, 41 points

Complete results on Naval Point Club Lyttelton's website: