Doyle Sails Loft seminar - Electronics Tues night

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Doyle Sails Loft is running a seminar tomorrow Tuesday, October 14 from 7.00pm at the Doyle Sails Loft, Neild Avenue, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney. Included in the evening will be a computers and programs talk for onboard sailing by Frank Walker and a presentation by Jeff Lenton on laptops and hardware on yachts.

Computer and software demonstrations on the packages will be available for viewing on the night.

This is part of the 2008 Doyle Sails Seminars series and John Hearne, from Doyle Sails Rushcutters Bay explains what the aim of the seminar series is.

‘The focus is to help people – broaden people’s skill levels with their boats. We can run seminars and we can talk about sails all the time but that doesn’t really help (them) all that much.

'We’ve been running our new, more broadly based, Doyle Sails seminars for the last three months.

'We brought Richard Bouzaid from New Zealand to bring another skill level and sail design level into the seminars. He’s been with Team NZ and Alinghi and the Volvos – he knows what’s going on.

'Our last seminar was on IRC; we had a Naval architect talk on this subject and we all learned a lot.

'Our next one is tomorrow Tuesday. Everybody keeps talking about these computer programs, Expedition and McSea and Internet on boats, it’s hard to find out information about them – so we thought we would invite our customers and bring in people who know a lot about the programs to answer questions for them.

'Later in the year we’ve got a weather expert coming in – and then we’ve got a navigation person coming too. The aim is that by the time our clients get to Hobart, they should know a little more about sail trimming, making their boat fast, how to use the electronics, how to read the weather and how to make a race plan for the navigator.

'And we bring in things about sails– it is put on by Doyles – we are trying to give added value to our customer.

'Generally we have tried to keep the numbers down, because in sailing, you get a large cross section of skill levels. We get better feedback and better quality of questions when they’re (our seminars) are not too big.

'We want to get the word out there – and if people want us to go to clubs and put on our information seminars, we will. '

To enquire, or for further information phone: Doyle Sailmakers on Sydney 9361 4836.