Detroit Cup - Fifth place finish a difficult result for Neptune Racing

Neptune Racing - Detroit Cup 2014
Neptune Racing
Our latest event saw Neptune Racing travel to the Bayview Yacht Club, contesting for the Detroit Cup. It was tumultuous week for the team; coming out firing to be in the lead after day one, eventually qualifying fourth after two days of racing.

It was the first time travelling to Detroit for the team, and the regatta certainly had its own peculiarities. Sailed on the Detroit River, there was plenty of current on the race course and meant it was a race out of the current majority of the time. On top of that, it was an interesting experience sailing Ultimate 20 class yachts which ran with asymmetric spinnakers, and could be difficult to setup at times.

We sailed relatively well during qualifying to place fourth going into finals with a seven-four scorecard. Unfortunately from here things didn't our way with some bad luck, and the race committee feeling the need to get racing off in some very marginal conditions.

At times, it was light enough for some boats to go backwards around the race course as the current outdid the wind! We were on the wrong side of the conditions in a couple of these races, eventually going down one-three to finish the regatta early in fifth place.

Pierre-Antoine Morvan went on to win the event, a result that sees him take the outright lead in the US Grand Slam Series.

We have now made our way to New York for the Knickerbocker Cup, a great event held out of the incredible Manhasset Bay Yacht Club.

Joining us at the Knickerbocker Cup will be Luke Payne, who will take on the role of pitman for the next two weeks!

We’ll be up against a number of top-ranked teams who are also coming in for the event. The full skippers lineup is as follows:

Skipper Country Rank
Pierre-Antoine Morvan FRA 7
Eric Monnin SUI 9
Johnie Berntsson SWE 13
Chris Steele NZL 16
Sam Gilmour AUS 19
Mark Lees GBR 21
Chris Poole USA 28
Maximillian Soh SIN 32
Dustin Durant USA 43
David Storrs USA 47

Results Detroit Cup 2014
 Overall placings 
1.FRAPierre-Antoine Morvan
2.USAChris Poole
3.SINMaximilian Soh
4.USAMatt Graham
5.AUSSam Gilmour
6.USAIan Hollerbach
7.USADavid Storrs
8.JPNWataru Sakamoto
9.USAChris VanTol
10.USADustin Durant
11.USAPeter Holz
12.IRLShane Diviney
Pierre-Antoine MorvanPierre-Antoine Morvan, FRA111

Chris PooleChris Poole, USA000

Petit Final123W
Matt GrahamMatt Graham, USA0101
Maximilian SohMaximilian Soh, SIN1012
Semi Final 1123W
Chris PooleChris Poole, USA1012
Matt GrahamMatt Graham, USA0101
Semi Final 2123W
Maximilian SohMaximilian Soh, SIN1001
Pierre-Antoine MorvanPierre-Antoine Morvan, FRA0112
5th / 6th1W
Ian HollerbachIan Hollerbach, USA00
Sam GilmourSam Gilmour, AUS11
7th / 8th1W
David StorrsDavid Storrs, USA11
Wataru SakamotoWataru Sakamoto, JPN00
9th / 10th1W
Chris VanTolChris VanTol, USA00
Dustin DurantDustin Durant, USA11
11th / 12th1W
Peter HolzPeter Holz, USA11
Shane DivineyShane Diviney, IRL00
Quarter Final 112345W
Matt GrahamMatt Graham, USA111

Wataru SakamotoWataru Sakamoto, JPN000

Quarter Final 212345W
Ian HollerbachIan Hollerbach, USA010102
Maximilian SohMaximilian Soh, SIN101013
Quarter Final 312345W
Pierre-Antoine MorvanPierre-Antoine Morvan, FRA111

David StorrsDavid Storrs, USA000

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Quarter Final 412345W
Sam GilmourSam Gilmour, AUS0100
Chris PooleChris Poole, USA1011
Overall positions after Round Robin
1.USAMatt Graham9–282%
2.USAIan Hollerbach8–373%
3.FRAPierre-Antoine Morvan8–373%
4.AUSSam Gilmour7–464%
5.USAChris Poole7–464%
6.USADavid Storrs6–555%
7.JPNWataru Sakamoto5–645%
8.SINMaximilian Soh5–645%
9.USAChris VanTol4–736%
10.USADustin Durant4–736%
11.USAPeter Holz2–918%
12.IRLShane Diviney0–110%
Round RobinPierre-Antoine Morvan, FRASam Gilmour, AUSChris Poole, USAMaximilian Soh, SINWataru Sakamoto, JPNDustin Durant, USADavid Storrs, USAMatt Graham, USAPeter Holz, USAChris VanTol, USAIan Hollerbach, USAShane Diviney, IRLW%
Pierre-Antoine MorvanPierre-Antoine Morvan, FRA
Sam GilmourSam Gilmour, AUS0
Chris PooleChris Poole, USA10
Maximilian SohMaximilian Soh, SIN010
Wataru SakamotoWataru Sakamoto, JPN0001
Dustin DurantDustin Durant, USA01-110
David StorrsDavid Storrs, USA001011
Matt GrahamMatt Graham, USA0111110
Peter HolzPeter Holz, USA10000010
Chris VanTolChris VanTol, USA000001101
Ian HollerbachIan Hollerbach, USA1011101011
Shane DivineyShane Diviney, IRL00000000000

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