Delta Lloyd Regatta - Challenging and cold day 1

May 22nd 2013. Delta Lloyd Regatta Medemblik - the Netherlands.
On the first day of the Delta Lloyd Regatta in Medemblik, challenging and cold conditions greeted the sailors. The wind began in the 10-12 knot range and built to 17 to 19 knots by the days end.

Olympian Greg Douglas sailed in his element in the Finn class today to earn the lead in this qualifying series with a 2, 2, 1. Fellow Canadian Finn sailor Martin Robitaille sits in ninth, Rob Hemming and Jeff Roney are currently sitting in 13th and 18th respectively. National team coach Chris Cook is pleased saying, 'Day one in the Finn was a great one. The team came here to check in on their training to see how things are moving along. So far so good. Focusing on process the boys are all seeing improvements in their sailing and are looking forward to the rest of the event.'

The Canadian Laser team put up some top 10 results today, with Matt Ryder in 23rd with a 16, 15, 4 followed by Wright 6, 26, 10, currently in 28th and Robert Davis posting a 7, in 36th overall. Radial team results are led by Brenda Bowskill in 17th, Claire Merry in 18th and sister Ingrid Merry in 25th. Coach Ken Dool reports 'Brenda sailed a solid race 1 starting well and other than some minor issues downwind sailed an excellent race.' Dool elaborates, 'As always minimizing mistakes is key, there are opportunities but the courses are relatively short and thus early mistakes make it difficult to close/gain on any losses.'

Big breeze is expected for tomorrow so stay tuned for excitement coming out of day two in Holland!

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