Defender and Challenger practice before AC begins - Chuck Lantz photos

Challenger and defender reaching downwind. - America’s Cup
On Thursday Sept. 5th PST, both Emirates Team New Zealand and Oracle took the opportunity to get in a few more practice blasts across San Francisco bay.

Today, Friday September 6th, will be their official last day to test before the America's Cup final match races begin on Saturday. Both boats did uphill and downhill speed runs, with very little tacking or gybing. With clear skies and winds in the 20k range, the session was brief but, as usual, spectacular as the two boats took turns churning up the bay. All images by Sail-World photo team member, Chuck Lantz.

Oracle threads through the marks on a speed run. - America's Cup

Within little more than a boat length, Oracle leaps onto her foils. - America's Cup

Emirates TNZ flies fast and low at the start of her speed run. - America's Cup

Emirates TNZ looking stable and quick, speeding downwind. - America's Cup

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, this AC will be dramatic. - America's Cup

Oracle begins a run near the Golden Gate bridge. - America's Cup

Crewman John Kostecki is the first to move across to the new side as Oracle gybes. - America's Cup

Other crew begin running across the trampoline - America's Cup

The daggerboards throw up an incredible amount of spray as Oracle continues their gybe. - America's Cup

Oracle crew continue to move to the new side during the gybe. - America's Cup

Oracle crew completing the transfer to the new side, and gets ready to do it all over again. - America's Cup