Day 2 for Artemis Racing in the AC World Series

Artemis Racing - America’s Cup World Series 2011
In the America's Cup World Series, racing got off on right on time at 1400 GMT amid vibrant blue skies in Cascais, Portugal. After abandoning the first race due to insufficient breeze, PRO Harold Bennett moved the course a bit further out and Race 1 got underway, followed by two more fleet races and three match races.

Artemis Racing had a good day on the scoreboard with 1,5,2 in the fleet races, to end up second in the match race seeding. So, the team went on to race Emirates Team New Zealand in the final match race of the day.

ETNZ Skipper Dean Barker won the dial up and by mere seconds Artemis Racing was late over the line only to be penalized. Unaware, the team went off in pursuit of ETNZ yet incurred another penalty for not taking the first one. A course boundary infringement by one boat length followed, making it extra challenging for Skipper Terry Hutchinson and crew to out pace the Kiwis who took the win.

'It was a much better day on the scoreboard. It was nice to start the boat better. We were a bit unlucky in the middle race, but all in all it was a good day,' said Skipper Terry Hutchinson. 'It is what it is. It’s day two – we’ll learn more from these situations than we will from winning a race by 200m.'

Speaking with renowned yachting commentator Martin Tasker after the race, Hutchinson commented on how this type of racing differs from monohulls.

'What’s different is that you have so much information, you have a little box that says something, then there are flashing lights and then you have a helicopter flying overhead that is making a horrendous noise, plus you have eight other teams out there who are really talented on their boats and then there is the reaching start! There are a lot of different things and some of the teams are more practiced at it. Oracle Racing’s time spent in San Francisco Bay is proving to be valuable and ETNZ have been sailing their 33s down in NZ. We have a massive learning curve ahead of us, which is great. That is what I am excited about.'

Z8Z8268-2 - Artemis Racing - America's Cup World Series 2011 Day 4

Z8Z8555 - Artemis Racing - America's Cup World Series 2011 Day 4

August 11th 2011, AC45 World Series. Fourth day of Racing. Three fleet races followed by a match race between the two leading boats in the fleet racing, Artemis and ETNZ. ETNZ wins. - Artemis Racing - America's Cup World Series 2011 Day 4

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