D-One Gold Cup - Adrenaline pumping finale in Alassio + Video

Trcka - 2012 D-One Gold Cup
Andrea Carloni
The adrenaline pumping finale for the 2012 D-One Gold Cup took place today in Alassio. A great showdown was expected, with four helmsmen still fighting for the title in West Ligurian waters. Bright sun, warm temperatures and a northerly breeze from 10 to 12 knots were the perfect scenario for the 38 D-oners from nine countries fighting for the final double point no discardable race.

The 2012 D-One Gold ended in the hands of Czech Martin Trcka but lot of surprises came in during the race. Young Czech Viktor Teply controlled all the race from the start but capsized at the last gennaker hoisting. At that point, Trcka had a fast run to the finish but the real fight was behind him, where come-from-behind Argentinian Agustin Zabalua, a former D-One Gold Cup winner, recovered 10 boats in the second beat to fight for his chance. If Zabalua could have finished in second place in the last race, the Gold Cup would take a Valencian route. With a third, Czech Trcka would have the Gold Cup in his hands. Italian Andrea Casale broke Zabalua's dream fighting hard in the last run. On the finish line, after Zabalua's last jibe, only half a meter separated the two D-oners, but the Italian bowsprit was ahead.

So the winner of the 2012 D-One Gold Cup is Martin Trcka, a former Olympian for his country in the Laser class. Zabalua ended in second with a one point gap. Third was Italian Pietro Sibello, winner of two races in this Championship. 21 year old Teply finalized in fourth. Fifth was Andrea Casale and sixth consistent Italian Michele Mennuti that took the Corinthian title. The Master title went to another Czech, Marek Bachtick.

Martin Trcka about his Gold Cup: 'Viktor has the final race in his hand all the time, but unfortunately for him and fortunately for me he capsized on the second hoist and that was it. Looking on the duel between Casale and Zabalua I was a little bit nervous but it ended well. About the D-One she is an awesome dinghy. It's quite intensive actually and you have tough and intensive sailing. You got the speed and the pleasure of sailing as well. Thanks to Luca Devoti for made such a great boat'.

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