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News for the Last 30 Days - Cruising (Southern hemisphere)

Canadian solo sailor rescued north of Auckland By Sail-World Cruising round-up, , 11:33 PM Mon 7 Apr 2014 GMT
Yet another solo sailor has been rescued by a commercial ship, this time a car carrier, after his yacht was rolled and holed during a storm in the South Pacific. Canadian sailor Art Munneke, a member of the SaltSpring Island Yacht Club, had survived for five days after the incident, augmenting his electric bilge pump with hand pumping. When the bilge pump failed he let off his EPIRB. ...

Sailing without effort - holidaying in a gulet By Lee Mylchreest, , 8:50 PM Mon 7 Apr 2014 GMT
So you love sailing holidays but not all the family does, or you want a really lazy time on the water - a 'real' holiday. Why not go sailing on a traditional Turkish gulet to sail in either Turkish or Greek waters? Someone else will sail the boat, someone else will prepare the meals - sorry you'll have to do the swimming and snorkelling and sunbaking yourself. ...

Yacht of the Week: Moody 41 By Des Ryan, , 3:13 AM Mon 7 Apr 2014 GMT
As cruising boats as well as racing yachts get faster, glitzier and, above all, longer, there are still those of us who want the yacht we sail to be elegant rather than glitzy, fast enough but not to the exclusion of comfort, and a size that is 'just right' for short-handed sailing rather than as long as you can afford. Enter the Moody 41, our yacht of the week. ...

The Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show 2014 By Sail-World Cruising, , 12:09 AM Mon 7 Apr 2014 GMT
Prizes galore to be won including amazing Stabicraft/Yamaha package worth over $100,000! The 2014 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show is now less than 6 weeks away and this year there are even more reasons why you and your friends and family will enjoy the show. ...

Ipad and sailing boats in Australia/NZ - What works and what doesn't *Feature By Andrew Keays, Island Cruising Association, , 8:32 PM Sun 6 Apr 2014 GMT
Electronic charts and/or paper charts for the cruising sailor is already a much discussed question, but how useful is an iPad or iPhone on your boat? What works and what really doesn't? Here Andrew Keays of the Island Cruising Association discusses the magic of the iPad for your boat in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. ...

Humpback Whales - Non Lethal research By WHOI, , 6:27 AM Sun 6 Apr 2014 GMT
While the Japanese Government maintains that you have to kill whales to do scientific reasearch, the Woods Hole Institute shows otherwise. Bacteria are invisible to the naked eye, but they reside on nearly every surface humans encounter—including the skin. ...

Dutchman's 'real' Noah's Ark benefits from film's success By Sail-World Cruising, , 1:12 AM Sun 6 Apr 2014 GMT
The film 'Noah' might be doing well at the box office, but it has also engendered some renewed interest in the 'real' reproduction of Noah's Ark, moored on a canal in The Netherlands. ...

Two separate remote baby rescues sure to raise questions By Lee Mylchreest, , 11:02 PM Sat 5 Apr 2014 GMT
It was already a week of rescues. Now the rescue of two babies from sailing boats, one because of illness in the Pacific and one because of a dismasting near Cape Horn, will raise questions - about the foolhardiness of taking small children sailing in remote locations - by all but the most inveterate of cruising sailors. ...

Dramatic MOB Pacific cold-water rescue - the personal account By Telegraph/Sail-World Cruising, , 9:02 PM Fri 4 Apr 2014 GMT
Whether you are cruising or racing, a Man Overboard is a Man Overboard, and this graphic account of the difficulty of a sailing boat crewed with beefy professional and experienced sailors getting their crew member back on board should have every cruising sailor taking the integrity and use of their life jacket and tethering gear very seriously. ...

Merchant Shipping Chalks Up Another Rescue - Tanker Saves Yacht Crew By Handy Shipping Guide/Sail-World, , 8:32 PM Fri 4 Apr 2014 GMT
It's something every cruising sailor should be aware of. A crew of three have been plucked from the Atlantic - not by a rescue organisation, but, again, by a merchant ship. There's yet another tale of a dramatic rescue by a merchant vessel of the crew of a stricken yacht sinking some fifty miles south of Balboa on the coast of Panama, and again it's thanks to world-wide assistance of AMVER. ...

Check this sailing gear more often during the season By John Jamieson, Florida , 1:20 AM Fri 4 Apr 2014 GMT
Master sailor, offshore racer, sailmaker and author Brian Hancock tells a tale of a transatlantic delivery that turned into a nightmare in his classic 'Maximum Sail Power'. The crew had checked their sailing gear, sails, and lines. And all looked under control--or so they thought. ...

Multihull Solutions Whitsunday Rendezvous 2014 – Entries sailing By Kate Elkington, , 9:32 AM Thu 3 Apr 2014 GMT
Multihull Solutions Whitsunday Rendezvous 2014 - Multihull Solutions has had a record response to its announcement of this year’s Whitsunday Rendezvous being staged from 1-7 September, which is now recognised as Australia’s premier power and sail multihull cruising rally. ...

SOLAS fundraiser to take place at Gosford Sailing Club By G2LHI Media, , 10:34 PM Wed 2 Apr 2014 GMT
The Gosford Sailing Club is hosting a very special event to raise money for S.O.L.A.S. by way of a luncheon this coming Friday at the Latitude 33 Restaurant within the club premises. The Safety of Life at Sea Trusts (S.O.L.A.S.) was established by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia following the loss of six lives in the 1998 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. ...

Laura Dekker presented OCC's Award of Merit Sat 05 April in Whangarei By OCC/Sail-World Cruising, , 9:24 PM Wed 2 Apr 2014 GMT
Laura Dekker, youngest ever solo circumnavigator, is to be honoured by the Award of Merit from the world wide Ocean Cruising Club in her birth city of Whangerai in New Zealand, by local members of the Ocean Cruising Club in a ceremony this coming Saturday, 5th April. ...

Free online fuel spill course - how much do you know? By BoatUS Foundation/Sail-World Cruising, , 9:43 PM Tue 1 Apr 2014 GMT
How much do you know about fuel spills? What do you do first, second and then...? This course, sponsored by BoatUS Foundation is aimed at those who operate marinas, but the information is excellent for all to know, no matter where in the world you are, and if you have ever had to fuel your own boat. ...

Smaller but plenty of space: The Nautitech Open 40 By Des Ryan, , 9:03 PM Tue 1 Apr 2014 GMT
With new cruising boats getting longer and longer, the desire for a smaller boat with plenty of space is still alluring to the seasoned sailing couple. The smaller the boat the easier to handle, the smaller the boat the smaller is the expense of the fittings, and you'll never even think of needing to take crew to handles the big blows or cross oceans. Enter the brand new Nautitech Open 40 ...

Product of the Week: Chafe guards save lines from friction By Des Ryan, , 1:38 PM Tue 1 Apr 2014 GMT
Chafing is something the cruising sailor is constantly aware of, particularly on the longer journey where it might be difficult to replace items chafed to their danger point. Even when lines rub against dock hardware, their service life is significantly reduced. This can be remedied with jury-rigged arrangements, but there's nothing like a purpose built chafe protector for a good night's sleep ...

Government sneaks through the 'Affordable Boat Act' By Nancy Knudsen, , 12:22 AM Tue 1 Apr 2014 GMT
Sitting until the early hours of the morning, the government has just sneaked in a new law called: 'The Affordable Boat Act' declaring that every family unit MUST purchase a new boat once they reach a certain level of combined income. These 'affordable' boats will cost an average of $54,000-$155,000 each, dependent on income, and will provide a much-needed boost to the economy. ...

Japan's Antarctic whaling program harpooned By, , 3:50 PM Mon 31 Mar 2014 GMT
The International Court of Justice - on Monday ordered a temporary halt to Japan's Antarctic whaling program, ruling that it is not for scientific purposes as the Japanese government had claimed. ...

Yacht of the Week: Kokomo III - and she could be yours By Lee Mylchreest, , 10:13 PM Sun 30 Mar 2014 GMT
She was designed by Dubois and manufactured in New Zealand by Alloy Yachts, launched in 2010. She is just 58m in length, she is one of the finest fly bridge sailing sloops in the world, and she could be yours for just GBP40m (or around USD66m). She is Kokomo III; but if you sail on her, you won't want to take a crowd - she can accommodate just 10 guests. ...

To Sea in a Sailing Ship: the glory days - at CYCA TOMORROW! By John Keelty, Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, , 9:59 PM Sun 30 Mar 2014 GMT
A few seats left: A slip of a girl fulfilled her dream to sail across the world on two of the last windjammers, L’Avenir and Parma, recording her passionate love of the sea, the ships and the men who sailed in them. On Tuesday 1 April, CYCA Cruising will be presenting her story in a celebration the Golden Age of Sail with presenter and author Sue Vader. ...

Life-shattering event sends 'rookie' couple sailing the world By Asia News Network/Sail-World Cruising, , 9:17 PM Sun 30 Mar 2014 GMT
We all have different reasons sailing - the competition, the fresh air, the sense of freedom, or merely the love of the sea in all its moods. A few of us even give up everything else to sail away into the sunset. But what does it take for two NON-sailors to decide to sail around the world? The answer: some life-shattering event, as happened to Singaporean non-sailor, Ng Yong Seng. ...

Mysteries of the seas, happening right now - missing, sunk, foul play By Lee Mylchreest, , 10:39 PM Sat 29 Mar 2014 GMT
It's true that most of Sail-World's tales of the sea involve suspense, achievement and/or a hedonistic delight with the waves and sun, sunsets and moonlight. But there are others, stories half told, mysteries which blackly hint at a dark finish, and those are happening around us every week too. Here are this week's, in the Atlantic, the Timor Sea and the Caribbean: ...

Sail Norway and Russia this summer - your own boat, or charter By Des Ryan, , 9:25 PM Sat 29 Mar 2014 GMT
Last week we told of a sailing voyage from Moscow to the White Sea - or reverse. Now here's an opportunity to sail with experienced sailors from Norway to the White Sea in Russia to join up with the previous itinerary. ...

Sunshine4kids' 'Fleet of Hope' sets off again By Lee Mylchreest, , 9:11 PM Fri 28 Mar 2014 GMT
Sailing is not only the most enjoyable of all sports or lifestyles, it can be a life-changing event for those with a background of hardship. Out there on the waves, the problems on land seem to fall away into the wake, whether it is planned or not. So Germany's 'Fleet of Hope' sets and example each year about how young people can be helped, just by taking them sailing. ...

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