Cruising Yacht Club of Australia - Marine Electrics Seminar

Does your electronics board look like this or similar? - You DEFINITELY need this seminar
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The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) is to hold another of their very popular Information Evenings at the yacht club in Rushcutter's Bay in Sydney on 6th May at 6.30pm. Rob Starkey will present a segment called 'Marine Electronics: Basics and Management at Sea and Away from the Marina.

Modern yachts are today equipped more than ever with a sophisticated array of electrical equipment from comprehensive Instrumentation, Computers, WiFi, Entertainment systems, Inverters for 240v supply, desalinators, accessories
including microwaves, electric winches and more that all need a reliable supply of electrical power.

Why you should go listen to Rob Starkey:
Rob Starkey is the author of Rob’s Passage Planner, and sails his yacht Windsong, a Holland 46 on the NSW and QLD coasts. As a member of the RPAYC, he has spent many many years sailing in and from Sydney. However, it is this combined with his previous experience that gives him the ideal combination of skills to make this a truly valuable seminar.

Rob worked 35 years with Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq and Hewlett Packard. He commenced his career as an electrical engineer designing computer integration solutions, was Director of Research and Development for Digital Equipment Corporation South Pacific, Director of Systems Integrations, Program Director and General Manager for the Optus account and then World Wide director and Managing principal of the Applications services practice at Compaq and Hewlett Packard based in Boston Massachusetts. He has forgotten more about electronics than most of us learn in our own lifetimes.

What you will gain from the seminar:
Rob will broaden your knowledge of the basics and fundamentals of the electrical systems on modern sailing yachts and their management.

He will also discuss the basics of how batteries work and how to charge them and keep them charged to meet your onboard needs, how to manage the demands of your onboard systems and how to tailor them to what’s available on your boat.

Solar Cells, Hydrogenerator, Wind turbine and other equipment will be on display on the night as an aid to the information that Rob will provide.

This evening is free, open to all and is not to be missed.

Book your free attendance online today at Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, 1 New Beach Road, Darling Point NSW 2027 Ph: 02 8292 7800