Contender Open at Datchat Water SC

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The Contender Open meeting five planned races were run over last weekend, despite the shifting winds. Results below.

1st 24Netley SCBen McGrane OCS)
2nd 6Netley SCGraeme Wilcox (8.0)
3rd 2373Weston SCMike Murley 1.02.0(9.0)
4th 2404Datchet Water SCRoger Gates993(10.0)
5th 2490Weston SCStuart Hudson
6th 2465Datchet Water SCStuart Jones 4.04.0(7.0)
7th 713Datchet Water SCJohn Browett9933.0(16.0)
8th 654Burton SCThomas Hooton DNC)
9th 707Eastbourne Sovereign SCPeter Dives 7.010.0(16.0)
10th 2432Lancing SCJerry Hone993(18.0)
11th 622Pevensey BayTim Humphries9936.0(18.0)
12th 700Castle Cove SCNick Grace9939.012.012.0(22.0 DNC)
13th 2496Oxford SCTony Brookes
14th 694Thorpe Bay YCChris Boshier 11.0(15.0)
15th 678Bulton SCBill Hooton 16.0(19.0)
16th 563Exe SC / Weston SCIain Horlock (17.0)
17th 646Weston SCMartin Frary OCS)22.0 DNF80.058.0
18th 2503Halifax SCTim Halden 15.09.0(22.0 DNC)22.0 DNC22.0 DNC90.068.0
19th 703Eastbourne Sovereign SCPeter Hayward (20.0)
20th 2315Halifax SCBen Holden99319.011.0(22.0 DNC)22.0 DNC22.0 DNC96.074.0
21st 250Datchet Water SCJohn Kewley (22.0 DNC)22.0 DNC22.0 DNC22.0 DNC22.0 DNC110.088.0