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OCR 49ers Day four - Senior Nationals CORK OCR 2014
CORK OCR and Sail Canada Senior National Championships 2014 - Tuesday, Kingston - Day four of racing of the Senior Nationals at CORK OCR saw fewer boats on the water after most fleets wraps up their series yesterday. Laser, Radial, Finn, 49er and FX sailors hit the water with winds light and from the east.

On the singlehanded course the easterly breeze held for three races for the Lasers with CST member Robert Davis (KYC-RCYC) taking a bullet in the first race by a large margin. In the second race, First place went to CY Thompson (STYC), who passed CST members Evert McLaughlin (RCYC) and Tom Ramshaw (SLYC) the leaders for most of the race. In the third and final race of the day the wind died off, allowing the current to play more of a factor, making the start a bit tricky. As a result, a number of boats including most of the leaders received a black flag violation. Cy Thompson (STYC), Robert Davis (KYC-RCYC) and Tom Ramshaw (SLYC) hold the top three positions going into the final day of racing.

The Radial fleet faced similar conditions with a solid first race going to CST member Brenda Bowskill (RCYC). In the second race there was some confusion as to which course was being sailed and some sailors started on an inner loop on the course when they should have been sailing on the outer. Connor Blouin (DIYC) came out on top. In race three a number of black flag violations were handed out, Brenda Bowskill (RCYC) came away with another bullet. Bowskill leads going into the final day of racing followed by Blouin and Claire Merry (RCYC).

Finns sailed four races with CST members taking the top three positions overall. Martin Robitaille (RCYC-CVL) leads, followed by Greg Douglas (RCYC) who took three bullets today and Kyle Martin (RVanYC) in third.

In Skiff action the 49er and FX fleets each sailed three races and were back on shore with time to spare. With 16 races now complete, David Mori and Justin Barnes (RCYC) are holding a strong lead with 10 bullets and a 14 point lead over Michael Brodeur and Daniel Inkpen who sit in second place. John and Aurthur Ferguson (RCYC) sit in third.

Also with 16 races on the books Arielle Morgan and Heather Myatt (RSTLYC) lead the girls in the FX fleet, followed by Erin Rafuse and Danielle Boyd (RNSYS-KYC) in second and Erin Berry and Ingrid Merry (RCYC-RVicYC) in third. Competition is tight with only four points separating the top three.
Racing concludes tomorrow!

Results CORK OCR & SAIL CANADA SENIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS CORK Sail/Kingston Results are provisional as of 13:30 on August 19, 2014 49erFX Class Sailed: 16, Discards: 2, To count: 14, Entries: 6, Scoring system: Appendix A
1stCAN 514Arielle Morganheather myattRSTLYCQC(7.0 OCS)
2ndCAN812Danielle BoydErin RafuseRNSYS/KYCNS(7.0 OCS)(5.0)
3rd821Erin BerryIngrid MerryRCYC/RVICYCON1.
4th215Marie-Pier AlaryKatie YeoEVO/ GRYCQC3.
5th81Max Flinncameron sawyerRNSYSNS(7.0 OCS)
6th8Timma FlanaganIsabelle ZiarkoRCYCON2. DNS)(7.0 OCS)89.075.0
CORK OCR & SAIL CANADA SENIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPSCORK Sail/KingstonResults are provisional as of 18:28 on August 19, 2014FINN ClassSailed: 13, Discards: 2, To count: 11, Entries: 10, Scoring system: Appendix A
1stCAN 1Greg DouglasRCYCON(2.0)2.02.0(3.0)
2nd110Martin RobitailleRCYC/ CVLQC1. DSQ)(11.0 DSQ)11.0 RET47.025.0
4thCAN99Riley FinchPCYCON4.04.04.0(6.0) RET)
5th11jim cameronTBYCON5.05.05.0(7.0)(9.0)
6thUSA5Steve Landeau GA(6.0)6.06.0(8.0)
7thUSA 40chuck rudinsky NH(11.0 OCS)(7.0)
8thUSA75James HunterBUCCANEERAL8. DNC)(11.0 DNC)11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC124.0102.0
9thUSA 22Simon van WonderenTS&CCON7. DNC)(11.0 DNC)11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC125.0103.0
10th17Jeff Roney  (11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC143.0121.0
CORK OCR & SAIL CANADA SENIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPSCORK Sail/KingstonResults are provisional as of 17:49 on August 19, 2014LASER ClassSailed: 12, Discards: 2, To count: 10, Entries: 52, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st204048Cy ThompsonST THOMAS YACHTRI2.
2nd207130Robert DavisKINGSTON YC / RON1. BFD)94.031.0
3rd181191Tom RamshawSLYCON4. RET)2.0103.041.0
4th197731Evert McLaughlinRCYCON6.03.0(53.0 BFD) BFD)165.059.0
5th184116Andrew Lewis
6th198358Mitchell KissMBYC / YCYCMI11.011.0(53.0 BFD)
7th191997Luke MullerLYCFL7.04.04.0(23.0) DSQ)10.0153.077.0
8th194180Christopher BarnardNHYC/ABYCCA8. RET)5.0173.087.0
9th197116Matthew RyderSLYCON3. BFD)168.095.0
10th200199Hugh Macrae ON13.012.013.0(41.0)8.0(35.0)
11th206171Max GallantROYAL VICTORIABC14. BFD)194.0121.0
12th199395Justin NortonBYC RET)(23.0)
13th206568Reece MyerscoughRVIC/RVANBC12.0(38.0) BFD)230.0139.0
14th188663Erik WeisLAUDERDALE YCFL9.0(53.0 BFD)
15th205513Daniel BarrySARNIA YCON(25.0)
16th206606Luke RuitenbergRNSYSNS23. BFD)235.0158.0
17th15Kalin HIllier  24.0(33.0)31.06.0(36.0)
18th197120Lee ParkhillRCYC/OYSON53.0 DGM53.0 DGM53.0 DGM3.0(53.0 DNC) BFD)285.0179.0
19th204077Brendan Aulthouse
20th188996Cameron PimentelRBYC UFD)14.0286.0198.0
21st203957Robert LalondeOST / FBYCON(41.0) BFD)295.0201.0
22nd206123Bryant WoodRNSYS UFD)12.0291.0202.0
23rd196283Nathan FieldsOLD DOMINION UN 10%) BFD)304.0203.0
24th203914Matthew SherarABYCON15.
25th195601Ian ElliottRVICYC, CYCAB22.
26th203918Forrest WachholzBARRIE YCON19.
27th153117Joseph DavidODUVA26.035.027.0 10% UFD)8.0352.0255.0
28th197046Adam SorensenRVICYCBC(46.0)(37.0)
29th196821Andy Roy ON16. DNC)27.032.0(53.0 BFD)366.0260.0
30th205444Dominic FritzROYAL VAN YC BFD)349.0261.0
31st207223 USABrandon KirbyLYCFL40. UFD)(53.0 BFD)385.0279.0
32nd191523Maciej MamonSLCYC (42.0) DSQ)
33rd195930Kevin WiersmaRHYC , OSTON30. BFD)373.0284.0
34th199350jake rizikaWYC/YCA 35.039.0(41.0)
35th207248Victor SullivanCVL, RSTLYCQC28.026.0(53.0 BFD) BFD)405.0299.0
36th196087Ross MurdochKYCON31.
37th195938Scott CollinsonRCYCON36.045.0(53.0 DNC) DNC)420.0314.0
38th190477Ethan LounsburyODU 10%(45.0) BFD)415.0317.0
39th204237Nick SmithRVICYC BFD)412.0317.0
40th169608John BroomanBYCON(45.0)40.0(53.0 DNC)
41st204462Pat WachholzBARRIE YACHT CLON37.
42nd190286Braden GarveyBYCON34.032.036.0(44.0)
43rd200598Chris KlotzBYCON43. DSQ)
44th175948Rob HemmingSDYCCA26.0 10%(53.0 DNC) DNC) RET53.0 BFD481.0375.0
45th198041Michael MallesonKYCON44.041.0(53.0 DNF)
46th201240Denys DeschambeaultMULTIVOILESQC(47.0)44.040.0(48.0)
47th180509Scott FergusonSAIL NEWPORT DNC)(53.0 DNC)53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC523.0417.0
48th196074Michael HowarthBHYCON48.046.0(53.0 DNC) 10% BFD)539.0433.0
49th203944James StanleyOHCC (53.0 DNC)(53.0 DNC)53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC42.
50th195642Simon SchmittCYC, SALSA DNC)(53.0 DNC)53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC558.0452.0
51stCAN 195672Jean LevacNSCON(53.0 DNC)(53.0 DNC)53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC46. DNC53.0 DNC615.0509.0
52nd194504Alec ChicoineRNSYOH(53.0 DNC)(53.0 DNC)53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC636.0530.0
CORK OCR & SAIL CANADA SENIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPSCORK Sail/KingstonResults are provisional as of 13:55 on August 19, 201449er ClassSailed: 16, Discards: 2, To count: 14, Entries: 13, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st905David MoriJustin BarnesRCYCON3. 10%
2ndCAN 514michael brodeurDan Inkpen 10% OCS)
3rd311John FergusonArthur FergusonRCYCON2. 10%(8.0)2.0(9.0)
4th98Fielding PhillipsBilly Gooderham ON5.
5thCAN 707Sam GustinIan WoodburyRVYCBC4.
6th1096Alexandre StranixAlex Chouinard  9.09.0(12.0)(14.0 DNC)
7thCAN1135Peter EhvertPaul EhvertRCYC/KYCON7.
8th1268Paul ThroopAlex ThroopRCYC/OYSON8. OCS)2.03.0109.084.0
9thUSA 1105John CurtisAndrew YatesKYCON6.06.0(14.0 DNC) DNS)
10th887BEN GRAVELLEspencer o'brienBS&BCON10.010.08.0(14.0 DNF)
11thBER 1042Mac MorrinSean kayserKYCON11.0(14.0 DNF) DNS)14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC171.0143.0
12th04Philippe Dube BoucherLaurent-David BeaulieuECOVOILE DNC) 10%12.012.0(13.0)
13thCAN 049Colin BeatonScott MiskeyBYCON13. 10%) DNS)11.0194.0166.0
CORK OCR & SAIL CANADA SENIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPSCORK Sail/KingstonResults are provisional as of 17:47 on August 19, 2014RADIAL FleetSailed: 12, Discards: 2, To count: 10, Entries: 57, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st204468Brenda BowskillRCYCONF1.02.0(12.0)
2nd194486Conner BlouinDIYCFLM10. BFD)128.041.0
3rd192023Claire MerryRCYC/OYSONF5.
4th190468Lawson WillardSFYC / STFYCCAM(23.0) 10%11.010.0(17.0)5.03.0113.073.0
5th188125Alexander FritzROYAL VAN YCBCM12.
6th206104Sarah DouglasABYCONF13. BFD) BFD)203.087.0
7thUSA 195876Jack MarshallFASTMAM7.
8th199535Christine NevilleSAIL NEWPORTRIF14. BFD)
9th207233Matti MuruOSTONM2. BFD) BFD)222.0106.0
10th193995Nathan DunnRNSYSNSM3. BFD)20.014.0205.0120.0
11th206058Fillah KarimWVYC AND RVYC M17.
12th20446Rebecca AbelsonRSTLYCQCF22.
13th195591Violet StaffordRCYC/KYCONF18.
14thUSA 200213William MarshallFASTMAM4.0(58.0 BFD) UFD) DNC11.0261.0145.0
15th192029Will JonesRNSYSONM9.
16th194504Alec ChicoineRNSYS, HSCOHM24.0(33.0)(26.0)
17th184402STEPHANIE DEVAUX-LOVELLSLYC F15.015.0(29.0) BFD)248.0161.0
18th201291Philppe PasquinRSTLYCQCM20. UFD)
19th200128Nick Orsoni-Wiemer QCM27.0(36.0)(33.0)
20th191531Maura DeweyRVYCBCF(40.0) UFD)
21st191978Noah CollinsonRCYCONM28.0(32.0)
22ndTRI75070Kelly-Ann ArrindellTTSA F(44.0)26.0(41.0)
23rd196855Wills JohnsonNHYCCAM(47.0)(45.0)
24th194042Hanne WeaverRVYC, SYCWAF6. BFD)19.017.0(58.0 DSQ) BFD330.0214.0
25th204470Derin BilgenRCYCONM(36.0)
26th186596John OwenRVICYCBCM29.
27th194233Michael JenkinsOST/OTTAWAONM25.
28th191487Vincent Martineau-CammalleriRSTLYCQCM11. RET)11.031.0355.0249.0
29th204773Holly Antonia Lewin-LaFranceRNSYS/CHESTERNSF16. BFD)35.031.0(45.0)
30th206065Ellie UngarROYAL VANCOUVERWAF8. BFD)42.0(58.0 UFD)
31st180087Christina SakellarisLYCMAF33.016.024.0(50.0)30.0(37.0)
32nd205458Gabrielle RizikaWIANNOMAF19. RET)(58.0 BFD)389.0273.0
33rd190252Aleksander MagiRCYC/FBYCONM34.0(42.0)(48.0)33.0 10%
34th199318Alex BrownCBSCBCM(49.0)29.0(43.0)
35th182587Duncan WhitrowNSCONM35.038.036.0 10% BFD)394.0296.0
36th204235Boyd BorjietRVYCBCM31. UFD)(47.0 10%)18.035.0404.0299.0
37th204459Berg EllemersKYCONM38. DSQ)32.0(44.0)
38th204806Cole RobertsonKYCONM(46.0)35.0(45.0)
39th193977Hayley LintonRVANYCBCF43.0(48.0) DSQ)27.0430.0324.0
40th200552kieran HorsburghROYAL VICTORIABCM30. BFD)435.0330.0
41stIVB194538Jason PutleyRBVIYC M32.0 10% BFD)(58.0 DNC)58.0 BFD448.0332.0
42nd193362Adam KochPCYCONM41.043.034.0(49.0)
43rd204807Aidan Lawford-WickhamKYCONM37. BFD)
44th199796Lawson Levine ILM42.0(50.0) BFD)472.0364.0
45th193318Luke HarrisonCYCABM45.
46th131019Conrad VandlikMYC/LMSSMNM(51.0)46.0(49.0) 10%
47th205460Benjamin RizikaWIANNOMAM21. DNE(58.0 BFD)498.0390.0
48th193288Claire SearsRNSYSNBF39. BFD) BFD)512.0396.0
49th203652Colin KrawchukWSCMBM32. BFD)
50th19559Geordie MillerBYCONM48.049.0(52.0)(51.0)
51st19193Jack MandinKYCONM(50.0)47.050.0(53.0)
52nd175143Peter AronssonCBYCMTM(53.0)52.0(57.0 10%)
53rd188924William DawsonWPG SAILING CENMBM52.051.0(58.0 DNC)52.031.0(58.0 DNC)46.058.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC39.0619.0503.0
54th105583Julie StewartOHCCONF(58.0 DNC)(58.0 DNC)58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC50.047.058.0 DNC34.047.041.0625.0509.0
55th190436Alexandra TillinghastAYCNYF(58.0 DNC)(58.0 DNC)58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC696.0580.0
55th198624Jim DonaldsonRVYCBCM(58.0 DNC)(58.0 DNC)58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC696.0580.0
55th139027Ryan Bennett  M(58.0 DNC)(58.0 DNC)58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC696.0580.

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