Carveth goes top at SB3 Worlds - day 3

SB3 World Championships 2008 - day 3
Gareth Craig (Fotosail)

As the qualification stage of the SB3 World Championships at Dun Laoghaire, Ireland came to a close ‘humbling’ was how some crews described the intensity after day three. Until today, the top contenders may not have been on the same course as their nearest rivals in the overall standings, but with nine races now in the bag, the fleet will divide permanently into its gold and silver halves for five final races on Thursday and Friday.

Positions at the top of the fleet are very close. The leading six boats are covered by ten points with five races still to be sailed. At the top of the table is Geoff Carveth with 31 points. Second is Craig Boulton with 33 points, then Mike Budd 34, Dave Hudson (RSA) 35, Tim Fells 39 and Dave Lenz with 41 points.

The sailing by the leading teams has been of the highest quality in the big fleets. In the 18 races, each sailing nine, none of the leading group has a finishing place worse than a 17 and they have racked up ten wins. Expect to see that consistency maintained over the next two days and who ever blinks will be out of the running

Light shifty airs and grey, overcast skies on Wednesday morning warned of what is to come, with high pressure and even lighter winds set to dominate the last two days of racing.

The racing - day 3

The easterly wind never built above ten knots on Dublin Bay, and Hamble sailor Craig Burlton, overall leader going into Wednesday, said that the lighter conditions would make for unpredictable and open racing for the rest of the event.

'We’re okay in the light stuff,' he said. 'We’ve mainly sailed in heavier breezes this year as a team, but it will open the field up a lot more being lighter breeze, although the breeze so far has been better than the forecast, so fingers crossed.'

Despite posting two fourths today, Burlton could only hang on to second overall, while Geoff Carveth slipped past into the overall lead. Mike Budd, in third overall, rounds out the top three, with GBR sail numbers filling four of the top five slots.

Things could change further, however, as protest hearings are scheduled to stretch long into the night. Thirteen disputes, five of those against the race committee, will be heard before results are made final and the gold and silver fleets are split for once and for all.

Burlton and his crew are one of a handful of boats managing to find consistency in very even conditions, with normally steady performers and the bookies’ hot picks posting wildly erratic results.

'It is pretty tough to find lanes and clear breeze,' said Burlton. 'We’re trying to play the middle of the course but it is pretty tough. The courses are pretty good, some of the lines are a little more biased than we might like, but it’s very tight racing and the [race] committee are doing it very well.'

Irish boats again failed to make a dent in the top ten results overall, but there was a rare Irish one-two in the Orange fleet, with Cork helms Ronan Collins and Aidan O’Connell coming out on top in second race of the day.

'We managed to sail around the people who were around us at the first mark,' said O’Connell. 'I think we would have been four or five around the first mark – and then we were very close to Ronan but he managed to clip us at the end, which was unfortunate, but it was great to see a one-two for the Irish boats in that race.'

Among the other overseas boats, Dave Hudson from South Africa is in fourth place, Daniel Geoghegan of Australia is eighth and Hannes Wairner from the United Arab Emirates is 20th. Caresani Roberto of Italy is 21st, Fernando Belo from Portugal is 27th and Ben Duncan of New Zealand is 31st.

Tomorrow’s racing will be scrutinized further, with GPS trackers on the top 20 boats allowing online spectators follow the racing in real time on

SB3 World Championship - Leading positions after 9 races, 1 discard (132 entries)

1GBR3053 Geoff CarvethOrange32-168211684731nett pts
2GBR3042 Craig BurltonOrange1-17251313445033nett pts
3GBR3475Mike BuddBlue31141-1719235134nett pts
4RSA3451 David HudsonBlue164-171121735235nett pts
5GBR3231 Tim FellsBlue2411-678731310639nett pts
6GBR3106 David LenzBlue4-774753564841nett pts
7GBR3082 Mark RichardsOrange6313-202161516747nett pts
8AUS3469 Daniel GeogheganOrange41595-2349147451nett pts
9GBR3027 Chris DarlingBlue-2722218421278558nett pts
10IRL3500 Peter KennedyBlue653-24515154118864nett pts
11GBR3467 Mark RushallOrange1174881110-1398168nett pts
12GBR3057 Martin BoatmanOrange125153111618-2910071nett pts
13IRL3307 Peter O LearyBlue731615286-18148971nett pts
14GBR3517 Colin SimondsOrange14-1987124171359980nett pts
15GBR3039 Marshal KingBlue22-25225810414211287nett pts
16GBR3152 Guy JacksonBlue-35101511325149512792nett pts
17GBR3462 Paul LovejoyBlue5861827-41851513392nett pts
18GBR3134 Jono ShelleyOrange81814612615-2222123101nett pts
19GBR3465 Jerry HillOrange26382597-67114169102nett pts
20UAE3360 Hannes WaimerBlue17149133-67122024179112nett pts
21ITA3543Caresani RobertoBlue28911291628-4010153113nett pts
22GBR3527Richard StenhouseOrange-67161811157151912180113nett pts
23GBR3336 Adrian PeachOrange10-2827146927166143115nett pts
24GBR3508Nick PhillipsBlue191192018-308726148118nett pts
25IRL3281 Sean CraigOrange332536410-36327156120nett pts
26GBR3546Richard CatchpoleOrange13139212418-261712153127nett pts
27POR3506Fernando BeloOrange24-26137133172625154128nett pts
28GBR3021 Charlie WhelanOrange2792816192136-41170129nett pts
29IRL3232Stefan HydeBlue-4018351442024811174134nett pts
30IRL3551Ronan CollinsOrange514738-392322125174135nett pts
31NZL3287 Ben DuncanOrange911-3519171731292170135nett pts
32GBR3509Nico HonorBlue161652221221123-26162136nett pts
33GBR3154 Jeremy EntwistleBlue21272410161321-2913174145nett pts
34GBR3060 Stewart ReedBlue102118425261627-31178147nett pts
35IRL3433 Gareth FlanniganBlue824123413-67261715216149nett pts
36ITA3187 Luca Bacci Blue-67282991612221223218151nett pts
37GBR3047 Ben AinsworthOrange16-673921263312101225158nett pts
38GBR3149 Mark GillettBlue2615172610-35201133193158nett pts
39IRL3501 Emma McDonaldBlue181313-67728232632227160nett pts
40GBR3302 Ian SullivanOrange25-346151430312419198164nett pts
41IRL3279 Aidan O'ConnellOrange17283227-45163727211166nett pts
42IRL3240 Ger OwensOrange28234510-57341988232175nett pts
43IRL3324 Kieran DorganBlue132927-351529301617211176nett pts
44IRL3322 Robert CahillOrange41-7510351122201228254179nett pts
45POR3256 Peter StrattonBlue32-672326216332119248181nett pts
46GBR3031 Christina SummerhayesOrange7819412819-494621238189nett pts
47IRL3257 Colin GalavanOrange191720-462512383034241195nett pts
48GBR3388 Chris KingBlue31231933313410-3518234199nett pts
49TBA3542Kaity StorckBlue30323030-5113351420255204nett pts
50GBR3216 Dave BestOrange34-494918342918324258209nett pts

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