Canadian Yachting calls for Local boating hero nominations

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As the 2012 boating season gets into full swing, it’s your chance to have your own local boating safety advocate or hero recognized for their outstanding or life saving efforts in the field of boating safety and environmental stewardship.

They may have pulled someone to safety from a capsized boat, taught school children about the importance of always wearing a lifejacket or helped to keep the waterways clean and free of pollutants and debris. Whatever they have contributed to the boating community, we want you to nominate them for recognition at the 2012 Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBAs) ceremony!

The CASBAs will take place in Toronto on January 13th, 2013 coincident with the Toronto International Boat Show. They’re like the People’s Choice Awards for Safe Boating recognizing the efforts of the general public, volunteers, professionals, agencies and organizations who have distinguished themselves in the fields of boating safety and environmental stewardship. Maybe you or the company you work for has developed a product that enhances boating safety or maybe you or someone you know was walking along the beach, heard someone calling for help and decided to react. The CASBA awards span a number of categories including:

'Rescue of the Year'
'Marine Professional of the Year'
'Top Volunteer Dedicated to Safe Boating'
'Best Boating Safety Initiative'
'Safeguarding the Environment'
'Marine Industry'
'Visible PFD Wear in Advertising'
'Best Media Contribution to Boating Safety'

What makes the CASBAs so very special is that nominations come from people like YOU! No matter where you live from Victoria to St. John’s, please keep your eyes and ears open and submit your nomination(s).

Help the Canadian Safe Boating Council say thank-you to deserving Canadians for their stellar efforts and let them know that their work is greatly appreciated. Visit under 'Events' for more information about the CASBAs and to submit your nomination or contact Ian Gilson (905)719-5152. Anyone wishing to attend the CASBAs can also register through this site.

Nominations close November 4th, 2012

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