Cabbage Tree Island Race- Finish Images by Crosbie Lorimer

The leaders in the Cabbage Tree Island Race fleet arrived back in Sydney early this evening plugging a 20 knot south southeaster down the Northern Beaches before being able to crack sheets under North Head and fetch across to South Head and from there into the harbour.

Southern Excellence appeared to have retired from the race motoring into the harbour at 6pm, just ahead of the first of the fleet home. As dark approached the remainder of the fleet appeared to be still at sea.

Here are some of Crosbie Lorimer's images of Celestial, Patrice, Pretty Fly and Midnight Rambler passing the Heads.

Pretty Fly III competing in the Cabbage Tree Island Race in November 2013.

Pretty Fly

Midnight Rambler

Midnight Rambler

CTR2 0417 - Cabbage Island Race 2013