CORK Olympic Classes Regatta 2014 - Day one

by CORK 
CORK Olympic Classes Regatta 2014
For the first day of the CORK Olympic Classes Regatta 2014 today over 250 sailors hit the water for the CORK Olympic Classes Regatta (OCR) and the Sail Canada Senior National Championships. Cloudy skies and rain with a breeze of about 15 to 18 knots greeted the competitors this afternoon for their noon start.

The skiff course had a full day, completing their scheduled four races for each of the 49er and I14 fleets, and five races for the 49erFX fleet. At the top of the 49er leaderboard is David Mori and Justin Barnes (ON) followed by Michael Brodeur and Dan Inkpen (CAN) in second and John and Arthur Ferguson (ON) in third. For the 49erFX fleet, leading is Erin Berry and Ingrid Merry (ON), with Arielle Morgan and Heather Myatt (QC) in second and Danielle Boyd and Erin Rafuse (NS) in third.

Sitting in first for the I14 Canadian Championship is Ian Struthers and Dan Cunningham (ON) followed by Jason Lemieux and Lauren Laventure (CAN) in second and Greg Loffree and Ryan Gareth (ON) in third.

The single handed course is right on schedule, completing three races for each of the Laser, Laser Radial and Finn fleets. This is a North American Grand Prix event for the Laser and Laser Radial (open), an ISAF 100 point event for the Laser and Laser Radial (female) and an ISAF 50 point event for the Finns. At the top of the fleet for the Lasers is Robert Davis (ON), followed by Cy Thompson (RI) in second and Lee Parkhill (ON) in third. Brenda Bowskill (ON) is leading the radials, in second is Nathan Dunn (NS) and in third is Jack Marshall (MA). For the Finns, Martin Robitaille (QC) is leading, with Greg Douglas (ON) in second and Kyle Martin (BC) in third.

The windsurfers completed four races for both the Kona and RS:X fleets. Leading the fleet for the Kona North American Championship is Nevin Sayre (USA), followed by Andree Gauthier (ON) in second and Rick Collins (ON) in third. Gabriel Verrier Paquette (QC) is sitting at the top of the RS:X fleet, followed by Jean Sebastien Fugere (QC) and Moahmed Elsafty (NJ).

For the Viper 640 class this is the Canadian and Great Lakes Championship. Leading the fleet is Steve Chapman (QC), with Steve Conger (USA) in second and Darren Gilbert (ON) in third. For the F18 class, this is their Canadian Championship. In first after three races today is Michael Easton and Tripp Burd (MA), followed by Anthony Boueilh and Maxime Loiselle (QC) in second and Olivier Pilon and Jean-Pierre Desrochers (QC) in third. This is the North American Championship for the Albacore class. Leading the Albacores is Barney Harris and David Byron (USA) with Allan Measor and Richard Piercey (ON) in second and Robert Bartlewski and Felipe Recaman (ON) in third.

Tomorrow will be the final day of sailing for the Albacores. This is a three day event for the I14, F18, Viper 640, Kona and RS:X classes. All other classes sail until Wednesday, August 20th.

Results CORK OCR Kona Regatta CORK Sail/Kingston Results are provisional as of 16:28 on August 16, 2014 BIC Fleet Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 1, Scoring system: Appendix A
1stKNACAN 1Anthony SwaelensCVDMQCCAN1.
GOLD FleetSailed: 4, Discards: 0, To count: 4, Entries: 17, Scoring system: Appendix A
1stKNA2020Nevin sayreVINEYARD HAVEN USA2.
2ndKNA1899Andree GauthierTWCONCAN5.
3rdKNA2007Rick CollinsBYCONCAN4.
4thKNA2137Steve Gottlieb  USA8.
5thKNA1988Bob Shuttleworth  CAN3.
6thKNA1249Keith WhistonTWCONCAN6.
7thKNA2234Cody Steward FLUSA9.
8thKNA2050Nick CoxTWCONCAN7.
9thKNA2033Robert Mew ONCAN10.
10thKNA1702Artem Lavrynenko Jr  CAY11.
11thKNA1371Colin Campbell ONCAN13.
12thKNA2113Stephanie ToddTWCONCAN12.
13thKNA1332Artem Lavrynenko Sr.TWCONCAN1.018.0 DNC18.0 DNC18.0 DNC55.055.0
14thKNA2031Denis DagenaisBYCQCCAN18.0 DNC13.018.0 DNC18.0 DNC67.067.0
15thKNA1346Michael Fox MNUSA18.0 DNC18.0 DNC18.0 DNC18.0 DNC72.072.0
15thKNA2040Julie GendronMULTIVOILES,QCCAN18.0 DNC18.0 DNC18.0 DNC18.0 DNC72.072.0
15thKNA1707Michael Keltz  CAN18.0 DNC18.0 DNC18.0 DNC18.0 DNC72.072.0
SILVER FleetSailed: 4, Discards: 0, To count: 4, Entries: 4, Scoring system: Appendix A
1stKNA1470Jack Feder ONCAN1.05.0 DNF1.
2ndKNA1676Johnc Darling ONCAN5.0 DNC5.0 DNC5.0 DNC5.0 DNC20.020.0
2ndKNA1007Don Graves ON6CAN5.0 DNC5.0 DNC5.0 DNC5.0 DNC20.020.0
CORK OCR Windsurfer RegattaCORK Sail/KingstonResults are provisional as of 16:26 on August 16, 2014RSX FleetSailed: 4, Discards: 0, To count: 4, Entries: 13, Scoring system: Appendix A
1stRSXCAN 29Gabriel Verrier PaquetteCVDMQCCANCANGV11.
3rdRSXEGY 9Moahmed Elsafty NJEGYEGYME23.
4thRSXCAN65Laurence Bonneau-CharlandMULTIVOILE CANCANLB126.
8thRSXCAN 8Caroline emmanu de AlcalaCVDMQCCANFRADC258.
9thRSX87Roy ItzhakiTWC CANCANRI212.
10thRSX80Zane FederTWC CANCANZF110.
11thRSX11Solvig SayreVHYC USAUSASS11611.
12thRSXCAN 33Abdelaziz bouchema  CANXXXXXX9. DNF45.045.0
13thRSXGREFrederic Verrier Paquette  USACANFV213.
CORK OCR RegattaCORK Sail/KingstonResults are provisional as of 18:25 on August 16, 2014VIP FleetSailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 7, Scoring system: Appendix A
1stVIP87Steve ChapmanBYCQCCAN
2ndVIP43Steve CongerCSYC USA
3rdVIP29Darren GilbertFYCONCAN
4thVIP75Alain MolimardCNDMQCCANCANAM404.
5thVIPCAN 70Matt/Mark RowlinsonBHYC CAN DNF15.015.0
6thVIPUSA 193Peter Broszkowski NJUSA 8.0 DNF5.
7thVIP42Mark EngelhardtLAKE CHAMPLAINVTUSA RDGb19.519.5
CORK OCR I14 RegattaCORK Sail/KingstonResults are provisional as of 16:34 on August 16, 2014I14 FleetSailed: 4, Discards: 0, To count: 4, Entries: 9, Scoring system: Appendix A
1stI14CAN 619Ian StruthersRCYCONdan cunninghamCAN2.
2ndI14CAN616Jason LemieuxRCYC lauren laventureCAN3.
3rdI14618Greg LoffreeRCYCONryan garethCAN1.
4thI14610doug mcghanNSCONmatthew davidgeCAN4.
5thI14CAN 599Ryan WynottRCYC kate shanerCAN10.0 DNC5.
6thI14CAN 612David BradlyNSCONpeter vietsCAN10.0 DNC6.04.010.0 DNC30.030.0
7thI1416171Morgan CuthbertsonRCYCONliam millenCAN10.0 DNC10.0 DNC10.0 DNC10.0 DNC40.040.0
7thI14CAN 605Scott CuthbertsonRCYCONmax carnellaCAN10.0 DNC10.0 DNC10.0 DNC10.0 DNC40.040.0
7thI141135Stephanie MahOHCCONjoshua chiddyCAN10.0 DNC10.0 DNC10.0 DNC10.0 DNC40.040.0
CORK OCR F18 RegattaCORK Sail/KingstonResults are provisional as of 17:30 on August 16, 2014F18 FleetSailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 14, Scoring system: Appendix A
1stF18USA 11Michael EastonNENSAMATripp BurdUSA1.
2ndF18CAN 112Anthony BoueilhBDBQCMaxime LoiselleCAN2.
3rdF18443Olivier PilonSEXTANT MARINEQCJean-Pierre DesrochersCAN4.
4thF18USA 316Todd RiccardiSAIL NEWPORTMAChris MoulderUSA5.
5thF1821joe valanteNENSAMAJim ZellmerUSA6.
6thF181719Sandra TartaglinoNENSARIAlex ShaferUSA15.0 DNS3.
7thF18USA1273Karl FunkSAIL NEWPORTRIJan MajerUSA8.
8thF18258Oliver Moore RIDanielle NeriUSA3.05.015.0 DNF23.023.0
9thF18101Jose Denis-RobichaudWRSCONDominique RobichaudCAN10.
10thF18CAN 666Martin Mergl  Karine DurocherCAN9.
11thF18111Serge DelisleCNBBQCSandra GingrasCAN7.010.015.0 DNS32.032.0
12thF18CAN69Maxime Rivest QCFrederic LapierreCAN12.
13thF18650Rafal Gajda  Adam KubikCAN11.013.015.0 DNF39.039.0
14thF181620Blair TolandSAIL NEWPORTMABea GintereUSA13.012.015.0 DNF40.040.0
CORK OCR RegattaCORK Sail/KingstonResults are provisional as of 17:57 on August 16, 2014ALB FleetSailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 24, Scoring system: Appendix A
1stALBUSA 8200barney harris  David ByronUSA1.
2ndALB8161Allan MeasorST.JAMESTOWNONRichard PierceyCAN3.
3rdALB8174Robert BartlewskiMSCONFelipe RecamanCAN2.
4thALB7363Tony ZakrajsekOHCC Darren MonsterCAN4.
5thALB8198James StanleyOHCCONJulie StewartCAN5.
6thALB8199Peter DuncanWRSCMDJill WilliamsonUSA7.
7thALB6857Marek BalinskiOHCCONCheryl BarrettoCAN9.
8thALB8191Sterling SpruillHYCVASydney SpruillUSA6.
9thALB7243Jenny Gibbons  Ian BrayshawCAN18.
10thALB8164Christine KellyMSC Frank NewtonCAN8.
11thALB7419Ken ClarkeOHCCONCATHYANN WHITECAN13.016.08.0 10%37.037.0
12thALB8207Liana GiovandoSJTSC Thomas Udale-CoughCOK14.
13thALB7982Jeff Krause  Anna SepkoCAN11.
14thALB8167Ken YamazakiJ-TOWNONLynn PashleighCAN10.
15thALB8178Chris MaslowskiSJTSCONChris BennetCAN17.
16thALB8205Kirk McGregorSJTSCONTannis BakerCAN12.
17thALB8023Nicholas AllenPRSAVAFarley WillUSA19.
18thALB8175Mary NeumannJTOWNONjaclyn manriqueCAN15.011.025.0 DNC51.051.0
19thALB7960Ralph GlassSJTSCONJennifer EvansCAN16.
20thALB8179Peter MacaulayST JAMESTOWNONFelix TangCAN21.
21stALB8202Steve RobertsonMSC Mary McMahonCAN20.
22ndALB8204Gregory BrothersJTOWNONMaria MangosCAN22.025.0 DNC25.0 DNC72.072.0
23rdALB1200tim woodfordQUEENS RECREATINScurtis woodfordCAN25.0 DNC25.0 DNC25.0 DNC75.075.0
23rdALB8144Graham PearsonSTJSCONShobini GanagarajahCAN25.0 DNC25.0 DNC25.0 DNC75.075.0
ORK OCR 49erFX RegattaCORK Sail/KingstonResults are provisional as of 17:09 on August 16, 2014OverallSailed: 5, Discards: 1, To count: 4, Entries: 6, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st49X821Erin BerryRCYC/RVICYCONIngrid MerryCANCANEB91.01.01.0(3.0)
2nd49XCAN 514Arielle MorganRSTLYCQCheather myattCANCANAM38(7.0 OCS)
3rd49XCAN812Danielle BoydRNSYS/KYCNSErin RafuseCANCANDB23(7.0 OCS)
4th49X215katie yeoEVO/ GRYCQCMarie-Pier AlaryCANCANKY23.03.0(4.0)
5th49X81Max FlinnRNSYSNScameron sawyerCANCANMF9(7.0 OCS)
6th49X8Timma FlanaganRCYCONIsabelle ZiarkoCANCANTF62.0(6.0)
CORK OCR 49er RegattaCORK Sail/KingstonResults are provisional as of 17:16 on August 16, 2014OverallSailed: 4, Discards: 0, To count: 4, Entries: 13, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st49R905David MoriRCYCONJustin BarnesCANCANDM333.
2nd49RCAN 514michael brodeur  Dan InkpenCANcanmb291.
3rd49R311John FergusonRCYCONArthur FergusonCANCANJF142.
4th49R98Fielding Phillips ONBilly GooderhamCANCANFP65.
5th49RCAN 707Sam GustinRVYCBCIan WoodburyCANCANSG84.
6th49RCAN1135Peter EhvertRCYC/KYCONPaul EhvertCANCANPE057.
7th49R1268Paul ThroopRCYC/OYSONAlex ThroopCANCANPT58.
8th49RUSA 1105John CurtisKYCONAndrew YatesCANCANJC66.06.014.0 DNC6.032.032.0
9th49RBER 1042Mac MorrinKYCONSean kayserCANCANMM4211.014.0 DNF7.
10th49R887BEN GRAVELLEBS&BCONspencer o'brienCANCANBG1210. DNF42.042.0
11th49R1096Alexandre Stranix  Alex ChouinardCANcanas139. DNC44.044.0
12th49RCAN 049Colin BeatonBYCONScott MiskeyCANCANCB2413.
13th49R04Philippe Dube BoucherECOVOILE Laurent-David BeaulieuZIM89062112. DNC49.049.0
CORK OCR Finn RegattaCORK Sail/KingstonResults are provisional as of 15:58 on August 16, 2014OverallSailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 10, Scoring system: Appendix A
1stFIN110Martin RobitailleRCYC/ CVLQCCANCANMR71.
5thFIN11jim cameronTBYCONCANCANJC165.
6thFINUSA5Steve Landeau GAUSAUSASL76.
7thFINUSA 22Simon van WonderenTS&CCONCANCANSV47.
8thFINUSA 40chuck rudinsky NHUSAUSACR3111.0 OCS7.
10thFIN17Jeff Roney  CANCANJR2411.0 DNC11.0 DNC11.0 DNC33.033.0
CORK OCR Laser Radial RegattaCORK Sail/KingstonResults are provisional as of 18:18 on August 16, 2014OverallSailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 57, Scoring system: Appendix A
1stRAF204468Brenda BowskillRCYCONCANCANBB141.
2ndRAD193995Nathan DunnRNSYSNSCANCANND33.
3rdRADUSA 195876Jack MarshallFASTMAUSAUSAJM2867.
4thRAD188125Alexander FritzROYAL VAN YCBCCANCANAF1612.
5thRAD194486Conner BlouinDIYCFLUSA
6thRAF192023Claire MerryRCYC/OYSONCANCANCM115.
7thRAD207233Matti MuruOSTONCANCANMM382.
8thRAD191487Vincent Martineau-CammalleriRSTLYCQCCANCANVM411.
9thRAD190468Lawson WillardSFYC / STFYCCAUSAUSALW4223.
10thRAD201291Philppe PasquinRSTLYCQCCAN
11thRAF199535Christine NevilleSAIL NEWPORTRIUSAUSACN1814.
12thRAF194042Hanne WeaverRVYC, SYCWAUSAUSAHW136.
13thRAF206104Sarah DouglasABYCONCANCANSD713.
14thRAD192029Will JonesRNSYSONCAN
16thRAF195591Violet StaffordRCYC/KYCONCANCANVS318.
17thRAD206058Fillah KarimWVYC AND RVYC CAN
18thRAF20446Rebecca AbelsonRSTLYCQCCANCANRA322.
19thRAF204773Holly Antonia Lewin-LaFranceRNSYS/CHESTERNSCANCANAL2116.
21stRAD194233Michael JenkinsOST/OTTAWAONCANCANMJ825.
22ndRADUSA 200213William MarshallFASTMAUSAUSAWM864.058.0 BFD1.063.063.0
23rdRAF180087Christina SakellarisLYCMAUSAUSACS23933.
24thRAD186596John OwenRVICYCBCCANCANJO429.
25thRAF205458Gabrielle RizikaWIANNOMAUSAUSAGR3619.
26thRAD191978Noah CollinsonRCYCONCANCANNC1028.
27thRAD204235Boyd BorjietRVYCBCCANCANBB1931.
28thRAD194504Alec ChicoineRNSYS, HSCOHUSA38032224.
29thRAD204470Derin BilgenRCYCONCANCANDB4236.
30thRAD205460Benjamin rizikaWIANNOMAUSAUSABR5721.
31stRAD200552kieran HorsburghROYAL VICTORIABCCANCANKH1230.
32ndRADIVB194538Jason PutleyRBVIYC IVB 32.0 10%
33rdRAD200128Nick Orsoni-Wiemer QCCANCANNO227.
34thRAF191531Maura DeweyRVYCBCCANCANMD940.
35thRAD204807Aidan Lawford-WickhamKYCONCANCANAL3037.034.032.0103.0103.0
36thRAF193288Claire SearsRNSYSNBCANCANCS3239.031.039.0109.0109.0
37thRAD182587Duncan WhitrowNSCONGBRGBRDW8635.038.036.0 10%109.0109.0
38thRAFTRI75070Kelly-Ann ArrindellTTSA TRITRIKA244.026.041.0111.0111.0
39thRAD204459Berg EllemersKYCONCANCANBE238.041.038.0117.0117.0
40thRAD203652Colin KrawchukWSCMBCANCANCK932.044.042.0118.0118.0
41stRAD193362Adam KochPCYCONCANCANAK1541.043.034.0118.0118.0
42ndRAD199318Alex BrownCBSCBCCAN
43rdRAD193318Luke HarrisonCYCABCANCANLH1145.037.040.0122.0122.0
44thRAD190252Aleksander MagiRCYC/FBYCONCAN
45thRAD204806Cole RobertsonKYCONCANCANCR1746.035.045.0126.0126.0
46thRAD196855Wills JohnsonNHYCCAUSAUSAWJOH247.045.044.0136.0136.0
47thRAD199796Lawson Levine ILUSAUSALL4042.050.046.0138.0138.0
48thRAF193977Hayley LintonRVANYCBCCANCANHL343.048.047.0138.0138.0
49thRAD131019Conrad VandlikMYC/LMSSMNUSAUSACV2151.046.049.0146.0146.0
50thRAD19193Jack MandinKYCONCANCANJM6650.047.050.0147.0147.0
51stRAD19559Geordie MillerBYCONCAN
52ndRAD188924William DawsonWPG SAILING CENMBCANCANWD352.051.058.0 DNC161.0161.0
53rdRAD175143Peter AronssonCBYCMTUSAUSA PA3453.052.057.0 10%162.0162.0
54thRAD139027Ryan Bennett  CANCANRB2058.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC174.0174.0
54thRAD198624Jim DonaldsonRVYCBCCAN12948958.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC174.0174.0
54thRAF105583Julie StewartOHCCONCANCANJS3758.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC174.0174.0
54thRAF190436Alexandra TillinghastAYCNYUSAUSAAT3758.0 DNC58.0 DNC58.0 DNC174.0174.0
CORK OCR Laser RegattaCORK Sail/KingstonResults are provisional as of 18:20 on August 16, 2014OverallSailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 52, Scoring system: Appendix A
1stLSR207130Robert DavisKINGSTON YC / RONCAN1.
3rdLSR197120Lee ParkhillRCYC/OYSONCAN3.
4thLSR181191Tom RamshawSLYCONCAN5.
5thLSR191997Luke MullerLYCFLUSA8.
6thLSR197116Matthew RyderSLYCONCAN4.
7thLSR184116Andrew Lewis  TRI6.
8thLSR194180Christopher BarnardNHYC/ABYCCAUSA9.
9thLSR199395Justin NortonBYC CAN11.
10thLSR206171Max GallantROYAL VICTORIABCCAN15.
11thLSR200199Hugh Macrae ONCAN14.
12thLSR206606Luke RuitenbergRNSYSNSCAN24.
13thLSR180509Scott FergusonSAIL NEWPORT USA30.
14thLSR203914Matthew SherarABYCONCAN16.
15thLSR204077Brendan Aulthouse  CAN28.
16thLSR196821Andy Roy ONCAN17.
17thLSR188996Cameron PimentelRBYC BER21.
18thLSR205513Daniel BarrySARNIA YCONCAN26.
19thLSR197731Evert McLaughlinRCYCONCAN7.04.053.0 BFD64.064.0
20thLSR206123Bryant WoodRNSYS CAN18.
21stLSR195601Ian ElliottRVICYC, CYCABCAN23.
22ndLSR188663Erik WeisLAUDERDALE YCFLUSA10.053.0 BFD11.074.074.0
23rdLSR206568Reece MyerscoughRVIC/RVANBCCAN13.
24thLSR196283Nathan FieldsOLD DOMINION UN USA19.
25thLSR195930Kevin WiersmaRHYC , OSTONCAN31.
26thLSR198358Mitchell KissMBYC / YCYCMIUSA12.012.053.0 BFD77.077.0
27thLSR203918Forrest WachholzBARRIE YCONCAN20.
28thLSR205444Dominic FritzROYAL VAN YC CAN34.
29thLSR196087Ross MurdochKYCONCAN32.
30thLSR204237Nick SmithRVICYC CAN33.
31stLSR15Kalin HIllier  BER25.
32ndLSR153117Joseph DavidODUVAUSA27.036.028.0 10%91.091.0
33rdLSR207223 USABrandon KirbyLYCFLUSA41.
34thLSR197565Rob HemmingSDYCCAUSA27.0 10%53.0 DNC19.099.099.0
35thLSR203957Robert LalondeOST / FBYCONCAN42.
36thLSR190286Braden GarveyBYCONCAN35.033.037.0105.0105.0
37thLSR204462Pat WachholzBARRIE YACHT CLONCAN38.035.035.0 10%108.0108.0
38thLSR207248Victor SullivanCVL, RSTLYCQCCAN29.027.053.0 BFD109.0109.0
39thLSR191523Maciej MamonSLCYC CAN43.037.031.0111.0111.0
40thLSR190477Ethan LounsburyODU USA40.029.044.0 10%113.0113.0
41stLSR199350jake rizikaWYC/YCA USA36.040.042.0118.0118.0
42ndLSR195642Simon SchmittCYC, SALSA CAN39.043.038.0120.0120.0
43rdLSR197046Adam SorensenRVICYCBCCAN47.038.036.0121.0121.0
44thLSR200598Chris KlotzBYCONCAN44.044.040.0128.0128.0
45thLSR201240Denys DeschambeaultMULTIVOILESQCCAN48.045.041.0134.0134.0
46thLSR195938Scott CollinsonRCYCONCAN37.046.053.0 DNC136.0136.0
47thLSR169608John BroomanBYCONCAN46.041.053.0 DNC140.0140.0
48thLSR198041Michael MallesonKYCONCAN45.042.053.0 DNF140.0140.0
49thLSR196074Michael HowarthBHYCONCAN49.047.053.0 DNC149.0149.0
50thLSRCAN 195672Jean LevacNSCONCAN53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC159.0159.0
50thLSR194504Alec ChicoineRNSYOHUSA53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC159.0159.0
50thLSR203944James StanleyOHCC CAN53.0 DNC53.0 DNC53.0 DNC159.0159.0

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