Bromby and the Beat

Bromby on fire
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For the third day in a row sailors in the Western hemisphere Star titles arrived at Davis Island Yacht Club to find a glassy Tampa Bay.

Races were postponed on shore until there was a sign of breeze.

Wind readings on the race committee boat and the on the weather mark boat varied enough so that it took a long time for the race committee to reach agreement and set the weather mark at 285 degrees.

Peter Bromby and Bill McNiven had three of their signature starts from the pin end of the line. They read the shifts and the pressure and rounded the first weather mark in each of today’s three races in the lead. They may very well have won all three races had it not been for a fouled jib halyard that distracted them and let their competition get to their right after the final leeward mark rounding of the second race. The Bermudians allowed ten boats to pass them up the final beat. They finished the day with a 1, 11, and 1.

Peter and Bill seem to have perfected sailing in flat water and shifty conditions. 'It bears a striking resemblance to Hamilton Harbor. I’m used to trimming hard, keeping the boat flat and pointing a little higher than most. It’s when the wind comes on and there are a lot of waves when I start to have some problems', admitted Peter.

Freddy Loof who had a 2, 5, 2 for the day, said today's sailing conditions were 'very tricky and shifty. The wind was very hard to predict. It was tough out there, but it was a great day of sailing.'

Others who managed to stay at the top of the fleet as the wind picked up to top out at about 12 knots include: Eivind Melleby and Petter Morleland Pederson, Rohan Lord and Miles Addy, Iain Murray and Andrew Palfrey and Andy Macdonald and Mike Wolfs.

Davis Island Yact Club2007 Western Hemsphere ChampionshipMarch 31, - April 6, 2007All BoatsSeries Summary, Preliminary 
1418256Fredrik Loof & Anders Ekstrom 4122(5)211
2218044Peter Bromby & Bill McNiven (26\DNF)35111121
3157836Iain Murray & Andrew Palfrey 6(10)436423
4238061Rohan Lord & Miles Addy 2410(13)1724
5408250Andy MacDonald & Mike WolfsMasters(13)6193625
6358234Elvind Melleby & Petter Morland Pederson 1158(15)2329
7448273George Szabo & Andrew Scott 18(17)571334
8438230John Dane III & Austin SperryMasters57(16)710837
9308143Brian Cramer & Tyler BjornMasters3(17)15124943
10208043Jock Kohlhas & Larry ScottMasters102618(26\RAF)1147
11338195John MacCausland & Bob Schofield 815316(26\OCS)547
12368235Larry Whipple & Eric MonroeMasters718(21)881253
13348215Bill Allen & Brad LichterGrand Masters1616(23)691461
14318157Arthur Anosov & David Caesar (17)131414141065
15468286Karl Anderson & Edward Morey 911111917(26\DNF)67
16248080Fotis Boliakis & Michael Nichol 12(26\DNF)911181767
17398245Joe Zambella & Peter CostaMasters149122112(26\DNF)68
18127670Gene McCarthy & Glenn McCarthyGrand Masters1514(20)10151670
19167907Fabian Mac Gowan & Federico Engelhard (26\DNF)26\DNS74161871
20268084Robert Teitge & J Darin JensenGrand Masters(20)121817131979
21458279Claude Bonanni & Richard Burgess 212013(22)212095
22378239Martin Pendola & Lucas Pendola 1919(24)23191595
23188000Harry Walker & David HartmanGrand Masters182119(25)2022100
24106643Brian Malone & John Brennan (26\DNF)26\DNS22202221111
25117640Eric Ferrier & Zach Hahn 2222(25)242323114