Bob Bavier Team Race Final results

Bob Bavier Team Race
Bob Bavier Team Race - Results from the final day


Competitors were greeted at the Stewart Walker Jr. Sailing Center with a three to six knot easterly wind. Sailors made their way to 'the marsh' north of the Yorktown, while coaches and extras boarded the J-22's to join them in the sailing area. Thirty-five races were completed, before the wind became very shifty and trended to the south.

All competitors sailed in for a short lunch break while the RC moved the course just outside the marina. An additional 22 races were completed in a SSE wind, for a total of 57 races. All courses were College Ns. five protests were filed resulting in three DSQ's. We used an on the water observer system.


Competitors were greeted to dense fog and a very light southerly wind. Sailing was postponed ashore until noon.
Races 58-90 were completed in a SSE wind at four to six knots, with a flood tide. A final four round robin was sailed in a building south wind at six to eight knots, while the tide switched. 96 races were sailed in all. Sunday's racing area was just outside of the marina. Two protests were heard resulting in one DSQ.

Thanks to all of the Charleston undergrads who helped run a great event.

Thanks to John Bowden, Mike Miller, Tom Loutrel, Brian Zimmerman, and Anne Bowen for observing & hearing protests.

Big thanks to the Carolina YC, Ocean Sailing Accademy, Charleston Community Sailing, Brian Zimmerman, and Tom Loutrel for lending us motorboats.


1) Georgetown-19W, 3L
2) Charleston- 19W, 3L
3) St. Mary's- 16W, 6L
4) Navy- 11W, 11L
5) Stanford- 10W, 8L
6) Wisconsin- 8W,10L
7) NY Maritime- 8W, 10L
8) Miami- 5W,13L
9) Eckerd- 2W, 16L
10) Clemson- 1W, 17L

Congratulations to Georgetown for winning the 2011 Bob Bavier Team Race.

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