Beyond Maadi

"Now if you guys could try to get your blades square, before the catch, we’d all be happy". The local Bill discusses the finer points of their technique with the Freedom Air team.
Glen Sinclair
Welcome to the first weekly newsletter from

It’s been an interesting process moving off a daily diet of the Maadi Cup and back into the real world.

In this issue we feature a mix of Maadi Cup follow up stories as the rowers hit their home-towns and receive their due accolades. Congratulations to those who have been selected to trial for the Junior Worlds and the U-18's.

We also have several stories from the 152nd University Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge, which this year had a new edge with the involvement of Duncan Holland as coach of the Cambridge crew.

There is also a report and pictures from the surfboard stunt conducted early last week on Otago Harbour, together with another rower who enjoyed the company of The Bill about the same time after the Boat Race.

The feedback we have had on has been excellent, and we are promoting some of the stories out through our Sail-World connections. You will be interested to know that the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, is also a rowing club and is very happy to take any content we can provide!

There has been a lot of analysis done over the past week on Maadi entry numbers and the effect of the Progression system which was put in place this year. Like most trials, everyone has a different viewpoint on their successor otherwise. I have penned a piece which covers my viewpoint of the system and its shortcomings, together with some of the more simple data analysis which has been undertaken. Thanks to Nick McMaster and Andrew Carr-Smith for their input and analysis skills – which are much better than mine!

We are pleased to take any items of rowing news. Please drop yours to along with a photo or two if available. Also is you have any friends, supporters or fellow rowers wish to receive Rowing-World, please ask them to forward an email to the above address.

Good Rowing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor