Beneteau First 36.7 NAC Championship - Hotly contested races on day 3

36.7 start
Michael Thoney
At the Chicago Yacht Club’s Belmont Station, the Beneteau First 36.7 NAC Championship continued with tight mark roundings and finishes. Highly competitive and very close, racers saw southwest winds of 10 to 14 knots in the first race but shifting to around five knots by race 3.

Patriot, Beneteau First 36.7 hull number one, from Bayview Yacht Club and the North Star Sail Club, had a big day with a 1-3-1 finish, moving up to sixth place overall. Ken Sharpe, skipper of Patriot, said, 'Today was a good day, we controlled our own destiny and executed our game plan.

We had good starts, improved team effort and we kept the boat going fast.' Sharpe, a colonel in the Air Force Reserve (hence the name Patriot), continued, 'We’ve enjoyed great hospitality here in Chicago along with the good racing. This week we’ve seen everything from big waves to flat water. We are looking forward to a strong finish tomorrow.'

A local boat, Tried and True, owned by Robert Foley, had a successful day on the water, finishing up in fourth place overall. 'We’ve been to a number of NACs, and this is the most competitive fleet we’ve ever experienced in this 36.7 class nationally,' Foley said. 'One important aspect that I appreciate is the camaraderie between all of the teams. The host club is providing terrific racing and a collegial environment. It’s a pleasure for our team to be involved with such a great, competitive class.'

Karma - 2013 Beneteau First 36.7 NAC Championship
Michael Thoney

Maggie May - 2013 Beneteau First 36.7 NAC Championship
Michael Thoney

Spinnakers-skyline - 2013 Beneteau First 36.7 NAC Championship
Michael Thoney

Downwind - 2013 Beneteau First 36.7 NAC Championship
Michael Thoney

Michael Thoney

Today’s races were hotly-contested, ending with only five points separating second and fourth place. Tomorrow’s final two races will decide the podium positions.

   Bow Sail NumberYacht NameYacht DesignOwner/SkipperRace
North American Championship Racing
 One Design Division
  Beneteau First 36.7
  1.3USA 25524GrizzlyBeneteau First 36.7Charles Bayer28/SCP1113518[8]22.0
  2.10USA 235Tequila MockingbirdBeneteau First 36.7Chris Duhon357651224[7]28.0
  3.14USA 262Maggie MaeBeneteau First 36.7Peter/Dan Wright112544101210[12]37.0
  4.5USA 52500Tried & TrueBeneteau First 36.7Robert K. Foley583492656[9]39.0
  5.1USA 51678PatriotBeneteau First 36.7Ken Sharpe106119310131[11]43.0
  6.12USA 82Split DecisionBeneteau First 36.7Mark D. Norris44416/SCP251195[16]44.0
  7.13USA 26219FOGBeneteau First 36.7Charlie Wurtzebach/Mike Bird6125268972[12]45.0
  8.15USA 60310SoulshineBeneteau First 36.7Jarrett Altmin7798107367[10]54.0
  9.9USA 52754ShamrockBeneteau First 36.7Jeff Mark Davis99831111417/SCP3[17]58.0
  10.11USA 55367KarmaBeneteau First 36.7Lou Sandoval/Martin Sandoval/Jack Buoscio/Karma Sailing Group836117971012[12]61.0
  11.7USA 60367As You WishBeneteau First 36.7John Heaton1114107868813[14]71.0
  12.16USA 61367Gail ForceBeneteau First 36.7Robert Duker16101212121512411[16]88.0
  13.8USA 52772CarreraBeneteau First 36.7Rod Spearin14131413131315149[15]103.0
  14.6USA 101Erizo de MarBeneteau First 36.7Antoni Czupryna151516151412141115[16]111.0
  15.4USA 52293SorcererBeneteau First 36.7Don Draper121115161616131514[16]112.0
  16.2USA 51787RaptorBeneteau First 36.7Jim Anderson131613141514161617/DNC[17]117.0