Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race - Winning gains made on smart moves

Winning overall honors for Division I/Cove Island Course (J.L. Hudson Trophy) was Phil and Sharon O’Niel’s TransPac 52 Natalie J, shown here within seconds of her finish at the Round Island Lighthouse - Bell’s Beer 90th Consecutive Bayview Mackinac Race 2014
Martin Chumiecki
Bell’s Beer 90th Consecutive Bayview Mackinac Race - Detroit, Mich. – At 10:30 Monday night (July 14), the last of 227 boats competing in the Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race crossed the finish line. The venerable distance race, in its 90th edition, had begun at 11:30 Saturday morning (July 12) on southern Lake Huron with consecutive starts for the fleet’s 14 classes. A westerly breeze of 9-11 knots allowed an initially mellow downwind spinnaker run to the first turning points in each of two courses -- the 'Acura Shore Course,' covering 204 nautical miles (235 statute miles), and the longer 'Quantum Sails Cove Island Course,' covering 259 nautical miles (298 statute miles). During the evening, however, 'a lot of everything' happened when it came to weather and wind, including rain, dense fog and gusts up to 36 knots (the latter reported by Ann Arbor’s Bill Martin, owner of the 70-footer Stripes).

Although Doug and Dick Devos’ (Macatawa, Mich.) 86-foot Windquest crossed the finish line before all others at approximately 5:30 p.m. Sunday (July 13), the team wound up fourth overall on corrected time in Division I - Cove Island Course. Winning that division, for the prestigious J.L. Hudson Trophy, was Phil and Sharon O’Niel’s (Bloomfield Hills) TransPac 52 Natalie J. Phil O’Niel has done the race 36 times, won his class eight times, and holds the record for three overall victories in a row (2010, ’11, and 12).

'We had a great start and then some issues,' said O’Niel after he finished the race at 8:13 p.m. Sunday night. 'Most of our fleet sailed the rhumb line and a little to the right of it, but we headed toward the Canadian shore, and at one point we were the last boat in the entire fleet, so it was pretty dismal. Modifying our race strategy, we went back to the Michigan shoreline to play the thermals…so far left that we were crossing the Shore Course boats, which was interesting. There, we got a significant amount of breeze and sailed around our entire class.'

Maintaining their position in the rest of the race didn’t come any easier, said O’Niel, especially at the Cove Island Buoy (about 130 miles away from the start). 'We were going 17-20 knots with the spinnaker up; it was very exhilarating, and we knew we had to visually see the buoy to round it, but it was dense fog and we were relying on our GPS. When we got within five minutes of it, we took down the spinnaker, and in doing that totally destroyed the computer onboard. A wave came down hatch and flooded the interior, so we had no GPS. We talked about setting up a search grid to try to locate the buoy, but thankfully it was right where it was supposed to be!'

The Division II - Shore Course Racing overall victory went to Win Cooper - Chris Benedict’s (Flint, Mich.) Santana 35 Shape, while Division III Shore Course Cruising was won by defending champion Wick Smith (Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich.) in his Beneteau 42 Mostly Harmless.

2 - Melges 32 U.S. National Championship

For those who didn’t win overall silver, victories in 17 classes (four for Cove Island, 13 for Shore) were just as cherished.
Division IV Shore Course Double-handed class was won by Chris Cyrul’s (Hixson, Tenn.) Opus Dei, and the Division V Cove Island Multihull class was won by Fred Ball’s (Harbor Springs, Mich.) Lucky Strike.

'The scenario was that if you got north very quickly you had more wind in the northern part of the lake,' said Ryan Breymeier, a world renown distance sailor who crewed on Rick Warner’s multihull Cheeky (second place in multihull class) to arrive at 2:30 a.m. Monday after 36 hours of racing. 'If you got north a bit later, the wind was starting to die. When we got there, we still had decent breeze, but nothing like Windquest and Natalie J had. Also, since they have much taller masts, they had more wind up high that we didn’t have. The speed differential at the start was incredible, because they were sailing with wind up high and nobody else had it. We never saw more than 20-22 knots, but that’s plenty for this boat.'

Many new features at the 2015 show!

Line Honours Winner Wild Oats XI. Wild Oats XI, Sail No: 10001, Bow No: XI, Owner: Robert Oatley, Skipper: Mark Richards, Design: Reichel Pugh 30 Mtr, LOA (m): 30.5, State: NSW off Tasman Island.

Among the exotic organisms discovered around hydrothermal vents were blood-red tubeworms encased in 6-foot-tall white stalks.
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Charles Bayer’s (Grosse Pointe Farms) Grizzly, in the 12-boat Beneteau First 36.7 one-design class, sailed the shorter Shore Course, and did so expertly to win. 'Once we got ahead, we just covered,' said Bayer, explaining that the wind was more southerly for his particular start, and his team was the western most boat by several miles on the Michigan shoreline (near Alpena) when the wind began filling in from the west. 'All the boats out in the lake, farther offshore, did poorly, and we were to weather of everyone when it came in.'

Bayer added that 30 miles south of Alpena, it was blowing 28.2 knots over his deck for about two hours, and his boat was speeding along at 13 ½ knots. 'That’s the fastest my boat has ever sailed,' said Bayer, whose three children – Chas (27), Colin (23) and Kelly (29) – crewed with him. And although this was the first time for Kelly to sail the Bayview Mack, it was her father’s 45th, making him one of the elite members of The Society of Mackinac Island Goats (for those who have participated in 25 or more Bayview Mackinac Races). Grizzly is one of 30 or so boats heading straight away to compete in the Chicago Mackinac Race on Lake Michigan, with which the Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race rotates in leading first on the calendar each year.

Highland Yacht Club.

Leg 2, Day 19 - Thomas Rouxel onboard - «We are trying every trimming setup possible, every single configuration, but it's not going well and we are very wound up!» Thomas Rouxel, one of the top sail trimmers onboard Dongfeng - Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15
Yann Riou / Dongfeng Race Team

Joining Bell’s Beer in sponsoring the 2014 Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race are key partners Metro Detroit Acura Dealers, Soaring Eagle Properties, Grand Hotel and Quantum Sail Design Group. Other sponsors are Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferry, Tito's Handmade Vodka, Frankenmuth Insurance, Barefoot Wine, Shellback Rum, Legal Copy Services and Michigan Web Press.

2014 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race Overall Finishes - Division I - Cove Island Current Standings as of Wednesday, 16/Jul/2014 @ 03:54am
Division I - Cove Island
   SailBoatOwner / SkipperFinish TimeElapsed TimeCorrectedClassDiv.
 USA 5252Natalie JPhilip D. O'Niel III, D.D.S.Sunday - 20:13:4330:33:4342:21:24PHRF A1
 USA 70EvolutionKohler/ReichelsdorferSunday - 21:49:5132:09:5143:22:30PHRF A2
 USA 25328Hot TicketMichael KirkmanMonday - 04:29:4140:49:4144:22:42J1203
 USA 28686WindquestDoug DeVosSunday - 17:26:5927:46:5945:08:51PHRF A4
 USA 97363DenaliRick HennigSunday - 23:22:0133:42:0145:15:31PHRF A5
 USA 5455FUNTECH RacingCharlie HessMonday - 05:29:1141:49:1145:27:22J1206
 USA 25497CarinthiaFrank KernMonday - 05:30:4641:50:4645:29:06J1207
 USA 323EquationBill Alcott / Tom AndersonSunday - 19:24:4029:44:4045:55:25PHRF A8
 USA 25999Night MovesHenry MisteleMonday - 06:06:3642:26:3646:08:03J1209
 USA 84002Denali^2william f mckinleyMonday - 01:52:5836:12:5846:20:22PHRF A10
 USA 50045DetailsLance SmothermanMonday - 00:13:2334:33:2346:24:30PHRF A11
 USA 482TalismanBruce AikensMonday - 00:38:0434:58:0446:40:18PHRF A12
 USA 40025SolutionBill FrancisMonday - 02:33:2738:53:2746:43:35PHRF B13
 USA 25363Flyin' IrishWilliam BresserMonday - 06:45:0543:05:0546:49:52J12014
 USA 25900PerversionDennis A. DettmerMonday - 07:01:1343:21:1347:07:25J12015
 USA 1948Il MostroPeter ThorntonSunday - 18:02:4028:22:4047:10:31PHRF A16
 USA 50996PromotionTim SchleyMonday - 02:56:2039:16:2047:11:05PHRF B17
 USA 52575DefianceDale SmirlSunday - 23:46:4334:06:4347:16:36PHRF A18
 USA 50666JayhawkerKen BrownMonday - 07:21:1543:41:1547:29:11J12019
 USA 52701WindancerBrien Baker/Sam NadeauMonday - 00:50:4435:10:4447:32:21PHRF A20
 USA 25329Nauti BoysHughes / VermetMonday - 07:43:0744:03:0747:52:57J12021
 CAN 152Irresistible tooGerald HinesMonday - 07:43:4444:03:4447:53:37J12022
 USA 56565Relentlessmark haganMonday - 03:49:1240:09:1247:58:38PHRF B23
 USA 52774CourtesanDane ChristyMonday - 02:22:2938:42:2948:23:06PHRF B24
 USA 77984SagamoreTone MartinMonday - 02:53:3937:13:3948:29:34PHRF A25
 USA 25168StripesBill MartinMonday - 02:04:2936:24:2948:35:38PHRF A26
 USA 25UnpluggedTim ClaysonMonday - 07:56:3344:16:3348:51:41PHRF B27
 USA 25439VictrixCurtis A. KimeMonday - 08:41:1645:01:1648:56:10J12028
 USA 64986Surface TensionJeffrey S. SchaeferMonday - 08:28:3244:48:3249:11:56PHRF B29
 USA 92CapersDon HudakMonday - 08:30:4544:50:4549:29:25PHRF B30
 USA 43881Mystic 3Fred WilhelmMonday - 10:24:5546:44:5550:18:32PHRF B31
 KA 3928Margaret Rintoul IVTim WilkinsonMonday - 08:38:2644:58:2652:00:58PHRF B32
 USA 77DolphinLarry RuhlandMonday - 10:13:2746:33:2753:33:42PHRF B33
 CAN 54392To LifeJohn DaniellsMonday - 07:46:3244:06:3253:53:33PHRF B34
 USA 461Wind of changeGeorge lewisRetiredRetiredRetiredPHRF B35
2014 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac RaceOverall Finishes - Division II - Shore CourseCurrent Standings as of Wednesday, 16/Jul/2014 @ 03:54am
Division II - Shore Course
   SailBoatOwner / SkipperFinish TimeElapsed TimeCorrectedClassDiv.
 USA 23756ShapeWin Cooper III/Chris BenedictMonday - 02:23:4737:53:4736:26:20Level 1261
 USA 15240GenesisPaul LeeMonday - 00:45:4436:25:4436:59:53PHRF F2
 USA 40205Papa Gaucho IIKeith StauberMonday - 00:50:5635:50:5637:27:46Level 353
 USA 43828FalconBayer/Bayer/BarnesMonday - 00:52:4435:52:4437:29:38Level 354
 USA 26226PendragonGregory Thomas / John TrostMonday - 00:53:1336:03:1337:29:45PHRF E5
 USA 25524GrizzlyCharles M. Bayer, Jr.Monday - 01:15:3136:15:3137:31:44Beneteau First 36.76
 USA 42418RowdyVal A. SaphMonday - 01:00:0136:00:0137:37:15Level 357
 USA 5133RegardlessD PadillaMonday - 03:52:2239:22:2237:41:28CC 358
 USA 15004Fast TangoTim ProphitMonday - 01:39:4436:49:4437:45:30PHRF E9
 USA 31377BlitzLarry SoutarMonday - 00:54:2035:34:2037:54:17PHRF C10
 USA 617PterodactylSymondsMonday - 02:30:5037:20:5037:55:51PHRF D11
 USA 15066ConsigliereBrad D'ArcangeloMonday - 03:58:2539:28:2537:57:19Level 12612
 USA 15056AvatarGordon and Andrew MorlanMonday - 03:59:0739:29:0737:57:60Level 12613
 USA 25208ShenaniganDick & Dan SynowiecMonday - 01:57:4437:07:4438:03:57PHRF E14
 USA 25628Weather Edge IIIColton WeatherstonMonday - 02:00:4237:00:4238:18:30Beneteau First 36.715
 USA 25412EngagerPaul LathamMonday - 01:01:0435:41:0438:24:08PHRF C16
 USA 345ChippewaRobert WallMonday - 07:05:4443:05:4438:41:27PHRF G17
 USA 52754SØhestGrant HilgerMonday - 02:39:1937:39:1938:58:28Beneteau First 36.718
 USA 26601SeagoingJohn SeagoMonday - 02:51:1638:01:1638:58:50PHRF E19
 USA 25458Send in the ClownsTerry Timm/David LaidlawMonday - 03:35:3138:25:3139:01:32PHRF D20
 USA 15634Sleeping TigerJohn HarveyMonday - 05:52:2241:52:2239:02:57PHRF G21
 USA 416WindshadowJames MurphyMonday - 03:40:1338:30:1339:06:19PHRF D22
 USA 34433SorceressSteve Beeler/Tom VigrassMonday - 04:28:0940:08:0939:06:46PHRF F23
 USA 25669Notso EZ MoneyMichael MedwidMonday - 00:43:4535:23:4539:15:42PHRF C24
 USA 15044Velero VIIJohn S. Barbour, Jr.Monday - 03:09:3338:19:3339:17:35PHRF E25
 USA 40740BrandileeSteve NadeauMonday - 03:09:4338:19:4339:17:45PHRF E26
 USA 15057Its a ZooJames F.ShawMonday - 05:36:1641:06:1639:31:25Level 12627
 USA 25580SagittaJon Somes and Larry OswaldMonday - 00:42:4835:22:4839:38:60PHRF C28
 USA 16826AbsoluteDonald HinckfootMonday - 03:49:0839:29:0839:43:48PHRF F29
 USA 15370EliminatorPaul Van TolMonday - 05:30:1841:10:1839:45:53PHRF F30
 USA 5362AllianceTom DayMonday - 06:50:0542:50:0539:46:30PHRF G31
 USA 406Snake OilDON HARTHORNMonday - 04:23:4239:13:4239:50:29PHRF D32
 USA 40864BoomerangMatthew SchrinerMonday - 06:17:3041:57:3039:59:23PHRF F33
 USA 15025Majic Starjohn rummelMonday - 03:51:0039:01:0040:00:05PHRF E34
 USA 10380SiochailBrian GeraghtyMonday - 06:17:2841:47:2840:00:22CC 3535
 USA 25656LibertyRobert BertMonday - 03:40:2938:50:2940:00:39PHRF E36
 USA 90LegendTodd and Mark JonesMonday - 03:40:1638:40:1640:01:33Beneteau First 36.737
 CAN 5166TraitorDavid R. KeysMonday - 06:20:1741:50:1740:03:04CC 3538
 USA 79La Buena VidaWilliam D. Gilbride, Jr.Monday - 03:42:1138:42:1140:03:32Beneteau First 36.739
 USA 21827Tar BabyDonald LangMonday - 06:11:1441:41:1440:05:02Level 12640
 USA 32866ConundrumDonald KingMonday - 07:26:1943:26:1940:09:49PHRF G41
 USA 25531PandoraTodd RileyMonday - 03:54:2639:34:2640:11:32PHRF F42
 USA 422AlbacoreRichard MarshMonday - 08:47:0344:47:0340:12:24PHRF G43
 USA 25622ViperRoger PollackMonday - 02:21:4737:11:4740:13:45PHRF D44
 USA 42968Mr. Bill's Wild RideWilliam WildnerMonday - 03:40:3738:40:3740:25:05Level 3545
 USA 15266Stella MarisJR HudnutMonday - 08:17:3944:17:3940:26:14PHRF G46
 USA 5290Tir Na NogSteven SheppardMonday - 06:57:1742:27:1740:38:29CC 3547
 CAN 23834Mind TrickDerek JacksonMonday - 06:47:5642:17:5640:40:19Level 12648
 USA 42763Major DetailWilliam VoganMonday - 03:59:1538:59:1540:44:33Level 3549
 USA 15055PassinthruMatt SealyMonday - 06:54:3742:24:3740:46:45Level 12650
 USA 5224CourageSpencer ChannellMonday - 09:12:2245:12:2240:55:29PHRF G51
 USA 5232WalloonRichard GrowMonday - 07:19:0642:49:0640:59:22CC 3552
 USA 22391No RebaseRalph RichardsMonday - 07:12:3442:42:3441:04:00Level 12653
 USA 25467BushwackerGerald & Frances AndersonMonday - 03:32:3538:12:3541:07:11PHRF C54
 CAN 34850RascalJamie GuggisbergMonday - 06:10:2541:50:2541:08:38PHRF F55
 USA 1007Power TripPaul and James KraftMonday - 03:17:0338:07:0341:13:31PHRF D56
 USA 35427EpicRay AdamsMonday - 03:41:1038:21:1041:16:25PHRF C57
 USA 25981Crazy TrainKevin FloodMonday - 07:27:0742:57:0741:17:60Level 12658
 USA 78KohatsuJohn StrombergMonday - 06:48:4741:38:4741:19:43PHRF D59
 USA 97481WhiplashGregg WhippleMonday - 04:34:0639:34:0641:20:58Level 3560
 USA 25006Knee DeepBrett LangolfMonday - 07:16:0842:56:0841:39:14PHRF F61
 USA 117Say UncleKevin LemondsMonday - 03:42:2638:32:2641:40:58PHRF D62
 USA 17Rum KistHarry BloomMonday - 05:40:4640:30:4641:43:58PHRF D63
 USA 52772CarreraRod SpearinMonday - 05:35:3440:35:3442:00:53Beneteau First 36.764
 USA 25459CamelotRonald L. KonczalskiMonday - 09:28:5845:28:5842:03:14PHRF G65
 USA 93335ResoluteGregg RemerMonday - 05:43:3640:53:3642:07:29PHRF E66
 USA 5333ZubenelgenubiEric Keydel, Conrad KeydelMonday - 12:06:0448:06:0442:08:14PHRF G67
 USA 32272RushDan WituckiMonday - 06:14:3441:54:3442:10:08PHRF F68
 USA 51678PatriotKen SharpeMonday - 05:48:3440:48:3442:14:21Beneteau First 36.769
 USA 40456IndigoEmery ScheibertMonday - 07:05:4142:45:4142:14:29PHRF F70
 USA 123Good Lookin'Dean WalshMonday - 06:49:4241:39:4242:18:45PHRF D71
 USA 5231CygnusChris GreensmithMonday - 08:45:3744:15:3742:22:12CC 3572
 USA 25326SnipeDenny MeagherMonday - 05:33:1840:33:1842:22:50Level 3573
 USA 33599CovertWilliam RyzyiMonday - 05:25:1040:35:1042:24:47PHRF E74
 CAN 18Wicked-RRon BildfellMonday - 06:50:2741:40:2742:31:29PHRF D75
 CAN 4151MysteryStephen JayMonday - 08:58:4544:28:4542:34:46CC 3576
 USA 22077Eagle OneTimothy P. LaRiviereMonday - 04:19:1238:59:1242:35:26PHRF C77
 USA 43940AffirmedJason M. GeiszMonday - 05:39:0040:49:0042:39:15PHRF E78
 CAN 16541SpiritJim BennettMonday - 09:04:0244:34:0242:39:50CC 3579
 USA 15560ContenderGary GrahamMonday - 09:05:2044:35:2042:41:04CC 3580
 USA 13106PraeceptorTheodore G. Mayer, MDMonday - 09:07:2644:37:2642:43:05CC 3581
 USA 69311GriffinPaul LevinMonday - 06:00:3841:00:3842:51:24Level 3582
 USA 25161Steelin' GoldW. White/W. MosherMonday - 06:00:5441:00:5442:51:41Level 3583
 USA 40937Time MachineRobert GordenkerMonday - 06:01:5641:01:5642:52:46Level 3584
 USA 25129WavelengthChris DellingMonday - 09:58:5845:58:5842:52:55PHRF G85
 USA 41046Outlet Xpressken blockMonday - 05:52:4041:02:4042:53:32PHRF E86
 CAN 602KazuriStuart BletcherMonday - 06:32:1741:32:1742:59:36Beneteau First 36.787
 USA 25633TitanAitken, Schultes, DumouchelleMonday - 06:06:4841:16:4843:08:18PHRF E88
 USA 61367Gail ForceRobert DukerMonday - 06:46:3941:46:3943:14:28Beneteau First 36.789
 USA 32998TwistedWilliam H. DarbeeMonday - 06:28:0541:08:0543:24:19PHRF C90
 US 40741PandemoniumMatt/Laura/Jason TroyMonday - 09:42:4245:12:4243:28:22Level 12691
 USA 143ManitouJohn C. BurkeMonday - 07:04:2542:04:2543:32:51Beneteau First 36.792
 USA 15790DefiantPete FitzpatrickMonday - 12:33:1448:33:1443:35:28PHRF G93
 USA 51793War ChantREID STROMBERGMonday - 07:07:3442:07:3443:36:07Beneteau First 36.794
 USA 137ArielGeorge SteinemannMonday - 09:33:1545:13:1543:40:31PHRF F95
 USA 18188GauntletGUY HIESTANDMonday - 06:08:1840:48:1843:41:44PHRF C96
 CAN 4605UnderdogCameron PaineMonday - 10:18:5245:48:5243:51:28CC 3597
 USA 32871FlyerJeff ClarkMonday - 07:00:2042:10:2043:51:33PHRF E98
 USA 12352Against the WindRob FarrMonday - 10:36:5446:06:5444:08:44CC 3599
 USA 41523Le FauconJoe JaegerMonday - 10:28:2346:08:2344:10:09PHRF F100
 USA 25175DesireMichael ClowMonday - 13:03:3949:03:3944:13:47PHRF G101
 USA 25589Days EndCharles BlatyMonday - 13:04:3949:04:3944:14:41PHRF G102
 USA 5451ShillelaghGeorge L. Mulqueen IIIMonday - 12:58:1048:58:1044:31:04PHRF G103
 USA 5551Bad MedicineTony KusMonday - 10:01:3245:41:3244:31:40PHRF F104
 USA 35999VanguardMichael GoranMonday - 06:03:2440:43:2444:42:47PHRF C105
 CAN 4207FirewaterAndy HellenbartMonday - 11:25:4446:55:4444:55:28CC 35106
 USA 40167GeorgeSusanne (Bill ) ThomasMonday - 08:50:1344:30:1345:11:56PHRF F107
 USA 3839StargazerDr. Marc RosenthalMonday - 10:24:2846:04:2845:18:28PHRF F108
 251PhoenixWilliam HamiltonMonday - 08:46:2243:36:2245:34:09PHRF D109
 USA 25079Trick ShotJoe ShotwellMonday - 09:13:1744:53:1745:35:22PHRF F110
 CAN 32756RagtimeAllan SchmidtMonday - 09:15:4144:25:4145:59:04PHRF E111
 USA 25503JalapenoDave ParkesMonday - 09:26:3744:26:3746:00:02Beneteau First 36.7112
 USA 31Double JeopardySean MurphyMonday - 13:09:1748:39:1746:47:00Level 126113
 CAN 54356Escape PlanKevin McKeeMonday - 11:59:3647:39:3646:52:01PHRF F114
 USA 10102WindseekerEric VermandereMonday - 10:25:5145:15:5147:18:06PHRF D115
 USA 42492MichellaMiguel GambettaMonday - 10:39:0245:49:0248:06:42PHRF E116
 USA 952Sea WiseCharles WeissMonday - 21:44:1757:44:1748:14:19PHRF G117
 USA 61024SeraphimKarim BotrosMonday - 15:46:5951:26:5948:36:29PHRF F118
 USA 263AlidaWilliam HarmonRetiredRetiredRetiredPHRF G119
 USA 34741White RiverRaymond PierceRetiredRetiredRetiredPHRF E120
 USA 51405Bad HabitsMark HankeRetiredRetired** RetiredPHRF C121
 USA 25475Northern SpySteigengaRetiredRetiredRetiredPHRF C122
 USA 21813BananasTed TulupmanRetiredRetiredRetiredPHRF E123
 USA 90ChallwaGerman Fuchs SilvaRetiredRetired** RetiredPHRF D124
 USA 34852Color Me GoneMichael HearschRetiredRetired** RetiredPHRF F125
 USA 43076Ben JamminJim RapeljeRetiredRetiredRetiredLevel 126126
 USA 35009Chico 2Jim WeyandRetiredRetiredRetiredPHRF D127
 USA 25232Special - KBill O'RourkeRetiredRetiredRetiredLevel 35128
2014 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac RaceOverall Finishes - Division III - Shore Course CruisingCurrent Standings as of Wednesday, 16/Jul/2014 @ 03:55am
Division III - Shore Course Cruising
   SailBoatOwner / SkipperFinish TimeElapsed TimeCorrectedClassDiv.
 USA 25668Mostly HarmlessWick SmithMonday - 00:53:1936:13:1937:08:10Cruising A1
 USA 49Dos MasGary H GonzalezMonday - 03:12:0338:32:0339:08:11Cruising A2
 USA 15152LimerickDarrell Cope/Kevin PearceMonday - 04:49:1940:39:1939:15:57Cruising B3
 USA 25677Last RunRichard Van HoudtMonday - 06:55:1442:15:1441:21:47Cruising A4
 USA 5249Just ChillDavid GreeneMonday - 06:44:5442:04:5441:22:53Cruising A5
 USA 659FreedomJames CooperMonday - 07:02:4142:22:4141:29:04Cruising A6
 USA 5119Wind Toy IVRobert BunnMonday - 07:03:4842:23:4841:30:10Cruising A7
 USA 40301AonbharrJody Smith and Jim ColeMonday - 05:32:5840:52:5841:31:18Cruising A8
 USA 25141Knot Yours tooGlen DrabantMonday - 06:58:3242:48:3241:31:52Cruising B9
 USA 15351PhoenixJohn GabrielMonday - 07:33:1143:23:1141:43:04Cruising B10
 USA 410GloryRobert WoodMonday - 11:00:5147:10:5142:00:37Cruising C11
 CAN 416AnxiolyticMichael O. PoulterMonday - 07:19:3042:39:3042:08:23Cruising A12
 USA 6846Irish MistDavid SpiersMonday - 09:05:2944:55:2942:26:36Cruising B13
 USA 418Paki NumuMatthew WenzlerMonday - 11:35:5947:45:5942:31:54Cruising C14
 USA 25379AudaciousJoe MoceriMonday - 07:17:0542:37:0542:41:01Cruising A15
 USA 25664PirateCom. Jeff HendersonMonday - 09:22:1545:12:1543:04:59Cruising B16
 USA 77Bazinga!Michael FozoMonday - 10:21:2146:31:2143:11:58Cruising C17
 USA 397YareJohn TippMonday - 12:25:2848:35:2843:26:41Cruising C18
 USA 30352EuphoriaJoey BakerMonday - 09:36:3045:26:3043:30:03Cruising B19
 USA 52976Sea Questered Brian RennMonday - 09:17:1845:07:1843:34:47Cruising B20
 USA 25455KismetArt PoppertMonday - 12:16:3648:26:36** 43:40:22Cruising C21
 USA 25341MiriahMike MaharMonday - 10:52:2846:42:2843:44:47Cruising B22
 USA 193WhirlwindLeo ChartierMonday - 11:51:0548:01:0543:50:12Cruising C23
 USA 60360PendragonChris GerkinMonday - 09:48:4945:38:4943:53:29Cruising B24
 USA 25683Christina with a Sea IIAri BuchananMonday - 10:38:0046:28:0043:54:01Cruising B25
 USA 104MattaliMatthew JonesMonday - 09:31:4744:51:4743:55:02Cruising A26
 CAN 54391IteruMartin BensonMonday - 07:59:3743:19:3744:00:14Cruising A27
 USA 35007AdvantageJohn VermeulenMonday - 07:36:2842:56:2844:01:29Cruising A28
 USA 127AnemoneDouglas R. LoweMonday - 13:41:4549:51:4544:02:10Cruising C29
 USA 148ArielMark W. AitkenMonday - 12:44:4748:54:4744:05:47Cruising C30
 USA 15342MomentumR A RomerMonday - 11:24:2747:14:2744:14:45Cruising B31
 USA 10211FreeWayDoug CarlsonMonday - 10:25:4645:45:4644:47:52Cruising A32
 USA 8976Deborah Caywindham bremerMonday - 08:50:3444:10:3444:51:59Cruising A33
 USA 332SlainteJoseph KarMonday - 12:38:1048:48:10** 44:55:54Cruising C34
 USA 44529McRagsLarry PetersMonday - 10:38:1646:28:1645:17:12Cruising B35
 USA 35064DelphinusStephen PolkMonday - 08:42:0444:02:0445:21:37Cruising A36
 USA 51XcessiveWarren RoosenMonday - 09:14:4344:34:4345:29:18Cruising A37
 USA 15219ResoluteR. Perry SmithMonday - 11:58:5147:48:5146:23:13Cruising B38
 USA 25680TaraWalter PayerlMonday - 12:19:0447:39:0446:51:29Cruising A39
 USA 909WasabiChas. GaborMonday - 15:38:4051:48:4047:06:04Cruising C40
 USA 361ClannachDoug PharesMonday - 16:32:0152:42:0148:06:40Cruising C41
 CAN 41PanacheDean McEachenMonday - 19:41:3255:31:3251:20:22Cruising B42
 USA 2299HomeBrewedRonald Henderson/Robert HendersonMonday - 22:30:5658:40:5651:24:23Cruising C43
 USA 8255Doc EscapePhillip DeanDNSDNSDNSCruising B44
 USA 25586EquinoxJohn DemersRetiredRetiredRetiredCruising C45
 USA 465Carol JCharles JessupRetiredRetiredRetiredCruising C46
 USA 76Perceptionjohn sackRetiredRetiredRetiredCruising C47
 USA 25499Cara JeannetteJim GodseyRetiredRetiredRetiredCruising B48
 USA 15535Knot LastSteve BaylessRetiredRetiredRetiredCruising C49
2014 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac RaceOverall Finishes - Division IV - Shore Course Double HandedCurrent Standings as of Wednesday, 16/Jul/2014 @ 03:56am
Division IV - Shore Course Double Handed
   SailBoatOwner / SkipperFinish TimeElapsed TimeCorrectedClassDiv.
 USA 52858Opus DeiChris CyrulMonday - 02:24:0538:54:0538:36:16Double Handed1
 USA 69138PatriotLyndon LattieMonday - 07:06:3743:36:3741:33:51Double Handed2
 USA 31126TAZHanson BrattonMonday - 07:07:5843:37:5841:57:17Double Handed3
 USA 34412Gale RunnerLarry FairMonday - 10:40:5747:10:5742:00:43Double Handed4
 USA 140AvatarLease SchockMonday - 07:19:4743:49:4742:08:38Double Handed5
 USA 79VanquishDonald FickMonday - 05:41:4342:11:4342:39:17Double Handed6
 USA 15473SerenityCarl SommersMonday - 14:13:2550:43:2545:55:11Double Handed7
 USA 3792OrianaPeter B WollschlaegerMonday - 19:48:0056:18:0051:50:03Double Handed8
2014 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac RaceOverall Finishes - Division V - Cove Island MultihullCurrent Standings as of Wednesday, 16/Jul/2014 @ 03:56am
Division V - Cove Island Multihull
   SailBoatOwner / SkipperFinish TimeElapsed TimeCorrectedClassDiv.
 USA 82946Lucky StrikeFred BallMonday - 01:45:0636:15:0640:46:07Multihull1
 USA 24CheekyRick WarnerMonday - 02:38:1637:08:1641:07:22Multihull2
 T 1OllieTim WalliMonday - 02:44:1637:14:1641:14:00Multihull3
 E 5AdagioMeade GougeonMonday - 04:57:2939:27:2943:55:01Multihull4
 USA 40AccipiterMark CadotteMonday - 08:26:4242:56:4244:22:46Multihull5
 USA 70Big StormJames FrederickMonday - 19:05:4153:35:4150:46:52Multihull6

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