Bell Lawrie Scottish Series - day 1

Bell Lawrie Scottish Series 2008 - Day 1
Steve Arkley captured these images when the Bell Lawrie Scottish Series, the north of Britain's premier annual regatta, kicked off Friday. In brisk 12-18 knot south easterly winds, rain showers and not a lot of sun some found the conditions more than they expected.

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Bell Lawrie Scottish Series, Tarbert Loch Fyne, Scotland. Day 1, after 2 races

IRC Class 1:
1 Lady Courrier (G Trenteseaux) 2pts,
2 (D Dwyer) 4pts,
3 Jump Juice (C Phelan) 6pts,

IRC Class 2:
1 Rosie (R Dickson) 2pts,
2 Contango (B Cunningham) 4pts,
3 Premier Flair (J MacGregor) 7pts,

IRC Class 3:
1 Carmen II (Scutt/Jeffrey) 2pts,
2 (D Cronin) 4pts
3 Bengal Magic (Moorehead/Ferres) 7pts

IRC Class 4:
1 Antix (J Allen) 3pts
2 Shadowfax (B & S Fortieth) 6pts
3 Molissa (P Atkinson) 6pts

Sigma 33, after 3 races :
1 Sigmatic (D Mclaren) 4pts,
2 Sea Pie of Cultra (J Colman) 8pts,
3 Blues (Milne/Hamilton) 9pts

1 Pied Piper (A Harper) 4pts,
2 Blue Tack (D Boatman) 7pts,
3 So (McLure/Stewart) 9pts

Sportsboat 1:
1 Tabula Rasa (C M Frize) 3pts,
2 Buddy 'Ell (C Frize) 6pts,
3 Yknot (Willis/Ellis) 11pts

Sportsboat Class 2:
1 Haggis (E Mackay) 3pts,
2 ASBOat (G White) 7pts,
3 Grouse (S Pender) 10pts