Australian crew take World Flying Fifteen title in final race thriller

Alderson and Mcaullay cross the finish line to win the 17th Flying Fifteen World Championship

The Australian crew of Grant Alderson and Dean Mcaullay, won the World Flying Fifteen World Championship sailed on Port Philip Bay, Williamstown, this afternoon.

Going into the final race if the seven race series Alderson/Mcaullay were tied on points with the British crew of Barry Parkin and Tim Hall, setting the scene for a match race end to the regatta.

Racing was delayed from the original start time of 1100 hrs until around 1330hrs as race officials waited for the dying breeze to settle in direction and for the sea breeze to build. It was an excellent decision, and racing got underway after a couple of general recalls, postponements and then the imposition of the Black Flag by PRO, David le Roy.

New Zealand and Britain duel for the win in the Flying Fifteen Worlds, Day 5

The two lead boats made their intentions known on the first start both being in close proximity and locked in each others rangefinders. However a general recall put paid to that games, and on the second start Alderson/McAullay were able to do a wriggle at the start getting an advantage over Parkin/Hall, and that was pretty well the race.

After being back in the fleet a little, the Australian crew worked their way through to third, with the Britsih safely tucked away several places astern.

Parkin and Hall made a final bid for the world title, heading out to the left or eastern side of Port Philip, away from the body of the fleet.

Alderson and Mcaullay spotted the British break out and covered. It was well they did as Parkin and Hall lifted themselves up into fourth position, one place behind the Australians, but still not enough for them to secure the title - which went to Alderson and Mcaullay by just one point - the differential of the last race.

While all this was going on a ding-dong battle was taking place for the lead between Steve Goacher and Phil Evans (GBR) and the New Zealand crew of Aaron Goodmanson and Alister Rowlands. For most of the race and the first half of the final beat, the Britush were ahead of the New Zealanders who played the shifts and tactics perfectly to get their bow in from on a port starboard cross, with about 500metres left to sail.

Barry Parkin and Tim Hall (GBR) finish fourth in the final race of the Flying Fifteen Worlds Day 5

Once in front, the Kiwis kept their foot, both feet in fact, firmly on the throats of the British, who could not break back, despite an enthusiastic tacking duel. Eventually the Kiwis worked the British out to the starboard layline and then left them be, and sailed for the finish.

While the win gave the New Zealanders bragging rights for the day, it was not sufficient to give them a podium place on the points table, and aalthough they won the race the New Zealanders finished fourth overall five points behind Goacher and Evans.

Unluckiest crew of the regatta were the defending world champions, Mike Hart and Richard Rigg, who finished fifth in the final race, which would have been more than sufficent for them to easily take the world title, had they not had a DSQ in Race 3 over a port and starboard incident soon after the start.

The next world championship will be sailed at Hayling Island, England in 2011.

New World Champions, Grant Alderson (right) and Dean Mcaullay respond at the 17th Flying Fifteen Wor4ld Championships presentation

17th Flying Fifteen World Championships - Final Results (provisional)

3833No BullGrant Alderson2212[12]113211
3911****Barry Parkin[6]153454222
3821TbaSteve Goacher131363[16]2283
3739FfortuneAaron Goodmanson56[11]7681334
3905Secret Ingredient XDavid McKee9[18]885116475
3917Art GekkoMike Hart336[81]1225496
378116David Tucker1551511[33]13507
3840FfreneticMurray Gilbert111734164[18]558
3931N/aAlan Bax84[40]292310569
3923FfCharles Apthorp47[81]3414376910
3661FizzGavin Dagley[43]91618129178111
3823Ffoto FinishBrett Willcock10152115814[29]8312
3881I'd Swap This For A BundyAdam Hawkins7[23]10161910228413
3799One UnderVeronica Falat23202192212[50]9814
3670EscalatorGraeme Lillingston2916141125[38]1210715
3910YesBrad Sheridan25[46]26132671611316
3832BlowffishCraig Coulan[58]1042336212511917
3796FfatigaosJavier Chacártegui21[81]35212119812518
3717Glamour BuoysGreg Leversuch16[65]284115171112819
3914Defying GravityAdrian Tattersall2042[42]2013152013020
3903EliseIan Cleaver362119[43]29131913721
3718Fully Active BoardAshley Smith1422[48]1033184614322
3883BoatJohn Lavery3811924[81]61915223
3641F'feckin'EegitAndy Martin223115[47]27303315824
3662WingsJohn Tracey281236392322[49]16025
3909SkandiaGavin Gourley122545421026[54]16026
3907Foreign AffairPhil Quinn[56]2923277522316127
3743Spot The DifferenceGreg Tonnison3334341417[50]3116328
3619AffrodisiacRon Packer2728[39]2231322416429
3525FreodoctorDoug Cooksey42[51]62830243616630
3754BusinessIan Morley[54]3073035363016831
3880Where The Bloody Hell Are YouCraig Rainey30[40]183134313217632
3572Relience 17Hamish Carnachan18[49]333724254117833
3890If Only.....Geoff Bayliss133529[54]42392117934
3851FfukIan Linder193851323220[55]19235
3541SnaflerRichard Guy59372417[81]451519736
3930Aussie FalconDale Collings41[81]27444163919837
3611Smooth & StonedSteve Douthawaite378205140[65]4319938
3861Supertoy Plays OnBrian Carroll3145443828[48]1420039
3879Aussie WayKim Peaker47264729[48]342721040
3818FfizzyGill Browning4413[81]4638294021041
3897KooigjugKen Dumpleton323232[81]55283821742
3928Got any lettuce?Howard Green2633[81]3320644522143
3800SaltheartRupert Leslie3519[63]2653375122144
3797Changing LanesDavid Swan49143136[56]444722145
3527Just LookingPeter Milne176446[81]18572823046
3786Sans CulottesChristopher Harris51432545[67]422623247
3835Sucking FeagullsAndy Goddard4624819[81]493524448
3062Good ThingDavid Meldrum455422255840[58]24449
3878Ffast Lane 2John Wilson40[53]375250473426050
3854Relience Ffenty FfooWilliam Shand50523040[63]434826351
3095Fiddle-de-deeAdam Semple532750484651[62]27552
3169SkinffullRobert Anderson5255[55]5043413727853
3822RuffiansJohn Crosby815617584427[81]28354
3774RollercoasterTom Murphy39[62]595739534228955
3259Celtic PrideChris Hall485743604735[66]29056
3616Ffunnily EnuffStephen Leiceter[64]44416257464429457
3775Absolutely FfabulousPhilippa Packer[81]39534937626330358
3814Comited to conffusionJohn Wallace2466575545[66]5930659
3087IffSally Garrett554838[61]54565730860
3902Blue FlamePeter Hogg346154[64]51546031461
3893Ffrig ItPeter Lawson6241[81]5649675332862
3815Passing WindAthol King5759603560[69]6433563
3767BubblesKen Bubb58.5999984763625352[63]52340.664
3709Ghost Magicronald walker605852[69]61596535565
3088Ffirst OffspringFred Price634768[74]62705636666
3063Stress Free ZoneKevin Griffiths65[72]565965686137467
3846Demon 3Alan Carson61706463[81]606838668
2823DiffinoMurray Latham[81]50617171747039769
3859Gannin Tappy LappyMichael Clark716969706455[75]39870
3761Grumpy Old WomanJohn Hassen6867586869[71]6939971
2825Happy DaysJennifer Sims70[75]746770587241172
3745SplashTom Ruut676849658181[81]41173
3876KerfuffleCarlyon Knight-Evans81606673[81]726741974
3722Noisy ForefatherJoseph Nelson697165667376[77]42075
3836EffeffexPeter Bradford[81]77677559757442776
3442Lean & MeanDoug Bell[81]74717268777143377
3012Sunday SessionJennifer Richardson6678707770[81]7343478
3887AffaRobert Chaffe747373766673[76]43579
3309Clockwork V11Denis Buckley7276727874[81]7845080