Australian Maid crew rescued in Indonesian waters

Phuket King’s Cup Regatta 2011 - Australian Maid
An Indonesia search and rescue (SAR) team has rescued two Australians and two British sailors on a the well known Australian yacht Dr. John Wardill's Australian Maid on passage from the Philippines to East Timor. The veteran Australian cruiser racer was on a delivery back to Darwin after the China Sea Racd.

The Search and Rescue (SAR) team went to the aid of the yacht, drifting near Kapoposang Island, in the Makassar Strait, South Sulawesi earlier this week.

The four sailors were skipper Andrew (Jed) Jennings (37) and David Hedgkinson (32) from Britain and Lisa Chamberlin (21) and Robert Azopedis (51) from Australia.

Australian Maid was heading to East Timor when she was becalmed in windless conditions and then suffered stern tube or propellor damage and was in in danger of running aground.

Delivery skipper Jennings said that he and his three colleagues would return to their home port of Darwin via East Timor after the sloop was lifted from the water and repaired.