Sunday 21 September 2014

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America's Cup: Artemis damage and possible causes revealed on haulout    
Tue, 21 May 2013

Sail-World has obtained images of Artemis Racing's damaged AC72 as it was hauled from San Francisco Bay at Alameda on the morning of May 11, 2013.

The images show the main beam broken at about mid-way to the port hull. It is not known if this broke before, during, or after the capsize. Or indeed, if some other part failed before the main beam fractured. That the a matter for the Review Committee to resolve, along with team internal reviews.

The port hull itself is broken in two at the juncture of the after cross beam, after it was lifted from the water it was positioned in the AC72's cradle, at the former navy base, which is being used by Artemis Racing and Italian Challenger, Luna Rossa.

The platform, with the starboard hull largely intact, was then hauled from the water and swung into position alongside the port hull.

The 'Y' support beam structure is also largely intact, except that the sprit is missing.

Other damage sustained was consistent with that in the Oracle Team USA incident in mid October, and shows platform netting destruction and ripped film on fairing beams.

Shots of the damaged wingsail were not available.

The causes of the incident are expected to be determined by the Review Committee established by Golden Gate Yacht Club.

Causes of the breakup cannot be determined from these images, which were taken by photographer Natasha Pyle, a sailor from Alameda California.

It is expected that the Review Committee will have access to all onboard footage (Go-Pro type cameras are fitted to the platform, by the teams to record all aspects of the sailing.)

Off the boat footage is also believed to be available, but not released into the public domain.

The six person Review Committee was established late last week, and is expected to report its findings within two weeks.

© This report is copyright to Richard Gladwell and, the images are copyright to Natasha Pyle and may not be republished without permission.

© This report is copyright to Richard Gladwell and, the images are copyright to Natasha Pyle and may not be republished without permission.

by Richard Gladwell and Natasha Pyle

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