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Spectacular 29er Class on fire at the QLD 29er Championship    
Tue, 9 Oct 2012

The 2012 Queensland 29er Class Championship attracted it’s historically second largest championship fleet to Southport Yacht Club at Hollywell, the best of Queensland and NSW 29er sailors enjoying near perfect conditions over the weekend with winds ranging from 10kts to 20kts and temperatures in the low 30degs.

Day one produced spectacular fleet racing off shore beyond Surfer’s Paradise in a range of breezes from 12- 20kts with thrilling rides on the downhill legs in the 1-2.5m swells. After four back to back races on the open sea the fleet were more than tested and weary upon their return over the bar entering the mouth of the Broadwater, but all managing to confidently master the mostly unfamiliar surf conditions with the run out tide creating a challenging re-entry.

The day’s scorecard illustrated the close completion amongst the top teams for the day with QLD’s stalwart team Seriously Guided’s Tom Siganto and Joel Turner just ahead on six points with fellow statesmen Panther’s team Charlie Wyatt and Lewis Brake on eight points, and NSW Crunchie’s team Harry Price with new crewmate Nick Connor building form a further four point separating them without a drop.

Day two’s forecast suggested a big southerly change expected mid-afternoon and the bar was already standing up by 7am so the racing was conducted inside on the Broadwater with the tide and water traffic adding a distinctive change to the racing conditions of the preceding day. Hot and variable northerly winds around 15kts kicked off racing at 10am. The strong 4kt tide played a pivotal role in the fortunes of all crews with the locals making the most of it early on with some fortunes won and lost to the fast learning visitors in race 5.

The winds then changed to a rather light north-easter for race 6 moving the goal posts a little for a number of crews seeking a new way across Broadwater’s channel. The final race of the day also started in these light winds but increased in strength soon after presenting the fleet with a more consistent set of conditions to complete the race and series.

After seven races, the Southport Yacht Club locals Seriously Guided on 10pts had narrowly retained their grasp of the lead over Panther finishing in second place on 12pts, visiting NSW sailors Crunchie finishing in third place on 17pts and local crew Ah Derka Derka’s Lachie and Tim Robba winning the handicap prize.

Southport Yacht Club put on a great regatta and the 29er class in Queensland looks set to blossom even further from such a welcoming and enjoyable experience both on and off the water.

Provisional Results:

Series Scores For Championship Up To Race 7 On 7/10/2012  Ties Breaking To Stage 1 and 2 Duty Score Average Of 7 Best Scores

(Ties: S=Score R=Race B= Bettered. Penalties: A=Arb B=Bfd C=Dnc D=Dne E=Esp F=Dnf G=Rdg L=Late Entrant M=Dgm N=Enp O=Ocs P=Protest Q=Dsq R=Raf S=Dns T=Tle U=Dut V=Avg X=Exc Z=Zfp Y=Scp #=Nodata [X.Y]=Discarded)


Series Results [Championship] Up To Race 7 (Drops = 1)




Sail No

Boat Name




Sers Score

Race 7

Race 6

Race 5

Race 4

Race 3




Seriously Guided

Tom Siganto

Joel Turner












Charlie Wyatt

Lewis Brake




Australian 29er Association website

by David Price