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Product of the Week- DIY splicer for small diameters

by Ken Quant on 27 Feb 2014
Are YOU a DIY splicer? SW
If you are a DIY splicer, you'll just love this product of the week: Ronstan's new D-Splicer range of specialized rope splicing tools are designed to take the difficulty out of working with smaller diameter synthetic 12-strand or single braid lines.

These unique double needle 'pullers' essentially clamp the rope strands so they can be easily pulled through a splice without slipping.

They're ideal for soft shackles and pulling cover plaits into the core, the D-Splicer is a great addition for any DIY rigger's tool set. D-Splicer needles are made of machined alloy to reduce weight and come in three thicknesses to match a wide array of line diameters.

Developed by professional riggers, the D-Splicer product range is highlighted by an exclusive D-Splicer Kit that features an interchangeable handle that allows riggers to switch needle diameters to match the working line diameter.

The kit includes 4 needles in 2 sizes (1mm x 24cm and 1.5mm x 26cm), interchangeable aluminum handle with lanyard and a carrying case.

Perfect for the do-it-yourself or on-site rigger, the needles can be quickly changed by simply unscrewing the handle, eliminating the need to have multiple puller tools on-hand.

In addition to the kit, D-Splicer needles are also available in a fixed handle models. Available needle thicknesses include 15 for 2-4mm lines, 20 for 4-6mm lines, 25 for 6-8mm lines.

The complete D-Splicer product range will be available at Ronstan dealers. The full kit will retail for around $70, with replacement needles starting at around $10.00. Fixed handle needles start at around $23.00

If you can't find this product at your local marine store, go direct to the manufacturer, who distribute these products worldwide:

Ronstan International Pty Ltd
19 Park Way
Braeside Vic 3195

Telephone +61 3 8586 2000
Facsimile +61 3 8586 2099

For more information on the product, go to the website.

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