Australia wins first Sailing Gold Medal

Qingdao Olympic Regatta 2008. Nathan Wilmot (l) and Malcolm Page (AUS) this afternoon
Australian sailors Nathan Wilmot and Malcolm Page guaranteed a Gold Medal for Australia in the 470 Mens Class this afternoon took an unbeatable 22 point lead going into the 470 Medal Race.

A third place and a tenth in races nine and ten, gave then a ten race series total of 42 points, while the Dutch Coster brothers have 64 point. In third place are the French pairing of Nic Charbonnier and Olivier Bausset on 64 points.

Dockside, most of the Australian team came down to support their 470 Men.

An Australian reporter asked 'How does it feel winning the first Gold Medal for Australia and beating the Brits?

'It does not get any better than that does it' laughed Malcolm Page

'We’ve had enormous support from everyone and some pretty amazing support too. During the week I bumped a call from Nicole Kidman, then 30 seconds later got an SMS wishing us the best. It made good conversation at breakfast.'

Nathan Wilmot explained 'There have been six boat we named after her movies, our favourite move is Dead Calm. – that is the boat we won the test event in, appropriate for the venue. But Australia is the name of this boat and that’s turned out to be the best boat name we’ve had.

The Australian pairing have been dieting for a decade, nNow they are on the eve of their retirement. What are you going to eat tonight, they were asked?- 'A lot, we don’t know what, just a lot..'

470 - Men - Overall Results
1AUSNathan Wilmot4733345-163105842
Malcolm Page
2NEDSven Coster11-1512281528427964
Kalle Coster
3FRANicolas Charbonnier63816183147-208666
Olivier Bausset
4GBRNick Rogers195149620-30239969
Joe GlanfieldOCS
5ESPOnan Barreiros8269131313411-189779
Aaron Sarmiento
6ITAGabrio Zandona10477221196-29511081
Andrea Trani
7PORAlvaro Marinho281561179-30101411282
Miguel NunesOCS
8CROSime Fantela1869-3012176715112191
Igor MarenicOCS
9ARGJavier Conte14144111997-305912292
Juan de la FuenteOCS
10JPNTetsuya Matsunaga120-241310141921411793
Taro Ueno
11NZLCarl Evans7101412-301022121712595
Peter BurlingBFD
12GREAndreas Kosmatopoulos5261185518320-29130101
Andreas Papadopoulos
13USAStuart Mcnay2612-301715141623135105
Graham BiehlOCS
14ISRGideon Kliger13161314-30111521212138108
Udi GalBFD
15SWEAnton Dahlberg161825-30201713146141111
Sebastian OstlingBFD
16IRLGer Owens22117151-2521151324154129
Philip Lawton
17BRAFabio Silva9-30101843016102413164134
Samuel AlbrechtOCSOCS
18SLOKarlo Hmeljak311191018-302520258169139
Mitja NevecnyOCS
19POLPatryk Piasecki209202317168-242315175151
Kacper Zieminski
20RUSMikhail Sheremetyev-27212221241211111817184157
Maxim Sheremetyev
21BLRSergei Desukevich-2927162616212171627188159
Pavel Logunov
22SINYuanzhen Xu15171819-30810192726189159
Terence KohBFD
23SUITobias Etter21235257-302726919192162
Felix SteigerOCS
24AUTMatthias Schmid2419-252414242451911189164
Florian Reichstadter
25KORCheul Yoon172421-2720323252225207180
Hyeong Tae Kim
26CHNWeidong Wang12-30231621263022828216186
Daokun DengDSQOCS
27FINNiklas Lindgren282227-30251914231721226196
Heikki ElomaaDSQ
28TURDeniz Cinar2313262222232621-2822226198
Ates Cinar
29CANStephane Locas2525-3020232230182616235205
Oliver BoneOCSOCS
470 - Women - Overall Results
1AUSElise Rechichi2241-9425323425
Tessa Parkinson
2NEDMarcelien De Koning3195221074-165943
Lobke Berkhout
3BRAFernanda Oliveira11-165107662747458
Isabel Swan
4ISRNike Kornecki813128-193111158162
Vered Buskila
5AUTSylvia Vogl9-20137171136118868
Carolina FlatscherDSQ
6CZELenka Smidova64-12111151111918169
Lenka Mrzilkova
7ITAGiulia Conti147636114-191268869
Giovanna Micol
8ESPNatalia Via Dufresne4526131013-172178972
Laia Tutzo
9GBRChristina Bassadone-208341513831559474
Saskia ClarkDSQ
10GERStefanie Rothweiler76119512-2088129878
Vivien KussatzOCS
11FRAIngrid Petitjean111168-1799913910285
Gwendolyn Lemaitre
12USAAmanda Clark121210144-177617710689
Sarah Mergenthaler
13SLOVesna Dekleva-203816123151814311292
Klara MaucecDSQ
14JPNAi Kondo13-151415141121011310893
Naoko Kamata
15SWETherese Torgersson101418-2019851458121101
Vendela SantenDSQ
16ARGMaría Fernanda Sesto16-18171210161441014131113
Consuelo Monsegur
17SUIEmmanuelle Rol159713315-20151819134114
Anne Sophie ThiloOCS
18CHNYimei Wen51019171614-20121610139119
Chunyan YuOCS
19SINLiying Toh171715181818-20161918176156
Deborah OngOCS