Aussie Flying Fifteeners don't usually do things by halves, but....

Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club (GLYC) has a new addition, a full-sized half model of a Flying Fifteen on the outside wall of the clubhouse.
Brian Carol
The Flying Fifteen class has been the mainstay of many clubs around Australia none more so than at Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club (GLYC) where the class has been strong for over 50 years. GLYC felt it was important to recognise the 50 years association of the Flying Fifteen class with the club.

The full-sized half model is the product of many hours hard labour by James Frecheville and is fitted with a rudder and keel made by class stalwart and Uffa Fox Gold Medallist, Bill Shand who recently launched boat number 4000.

The Australian Flying Fifteen class is in the throes of another great season with the Australian Championship being held at Davey’s Bay yacht club in Victoria which will be the selection series for the World Championship to be conducted by Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in September 2013.

Many clubs around Australia have strong fleets of Flying Fifteens with sailors of all ages and abilities, to find one near you visit