Audi Victoria Week - a Lazy Sunday morning

Is the guy on the end of the boom the naviguesser? - Audi Victoria Week Sunday 2011
Audi Victoria Week - After a sunset sail for the bulk of the 300+ boats - it was a gentle morning on Corio Bay.

The 165 boats across the Club Marine Cruising Non Spinnaker and Cruising with Spinnaker Divisons 1,2 and 3 started in very soft conditions on the inner harbour and their course headed them up the Hopetoun Channel to the Outer Harbour.

Its an unforgiving channel with water depths of less than 1.5 metres on either side and numbers of the boats as last of the land breeze died and the Bay turned to glass, drifted out of the channel to a gentle grounding.

Here are some images from this morning, since then the sea breeze has come in at 12-15 knots and the racing has started for most fleets.

Sailing slowly in the Channel - Audi Victoria Week Sunday 2011

Sticks against the sky - Audi Victoria Week Sunday 2011

Waiting - Audi Victoria Week Sunday 2011