Audi Hamilton Island Race Week; Crosbie Lorimer Day 1 Images

Hooligan hooks into new pressure off Lindeman Island.
Some of the heavy air specialists must be wondering whether it's time to re-train for Audi Hamilton Island Race Week after Day 1 of racing in 2014 started much as it signed off in 2013, with very light airs for the entire Lindeman Island race.

Not that such conditions in any way worried most of the crews who, despite a shortened course at Lindeman Island for many of them, returned to the dock with broad smiles after a beautiful afternoon on the water.

Crosbie Lorimer followed the MC38 fleet home as they found a new northerly air stream and reached for home on flat waters in 10 knots of breeze, making for some beautiful images in the classic Whitsunday afternoon light.

Today's racing will send the bulk of the fleet northwards on Courses 1,2 and 3 towards Long Island, White Rock and Pine Island. The Melges 32s and MC38s will be racing windward-leewards in the eastern starting area.

Today's forecast suggests more breeze today - but not without a caveat - with 15-16 knot southwesterlies in the morning, but still with 'a 45% chance that a glass out occurs late this morning/early afternoon'.

A busy start line

Condor crew.

The Melges 32 Good Gear-Mac 2 works away from the start line.

Kenneth French's Surprise.

Robin Crawford's Assassin heads for Whitsunday Passage.

Craig Neill's JV 42 Elena Nova enjoying new breeze.

Wild Oats XI under Pentecost Island.

Team Beau Geste heads for Lindeman Island.

Streamlining in light airs! The crew aboard Wilds Oats AC45, Team Beau Geste and Wild Oats XI.

Sergio Sagramaso's MC38 Lazy Dog reaching for home.