Another mast climb for Joyon on IDEC2

Joyon and Family
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Fancis Joyon has climbed the mast on IDEC for a third time. After resting and getting some instruction from his shore crew, Joyon went aloft again. A little ointment and some pain killers for his injured ankle and the bruises from the earlier climbs.

After talking with the manufacturers of the mast and with the architects of the sailboat, Nigel Irens and Benoit Cabaret, he was reassured that with 32mm of the pin still in place in the mast bracket, this was sufficient to maintain the rig.

But, it was essential that any further movement be stopped - thus the need for Joyon to tackle the mast again. He has secured the pin with Spectra as best he can to prevent any further outward movement of the pin.

Now, Joyon must sail to balance speed against risk of the mast failing.

He is now sailing with a 20 knot northerly under staysail and two reefs, which is exactly the canvas required and making 13 to 15 knots. His course is almost directly towards the finish at Brest and getting better.

'I will now navigate continuously seeking the right balance between risk and performance,' observes Joyon. 'I should keep the current conditions for three or four days. Then come yet to decide on the tack toward off the Azores anticyclone and touch the westerly winds ...' A crucial moment, because the tack will be a real test for the shroud. 'It will no longer be under load and the pin could move.'

IDEC2 position 12/01/2008 11:36:00 UTC

Distance to finish - 2,785 nm
Distance ahead of record - 2,610,59 nm
VMG - 11,1 knots
Speed - 14,9 knots
Speed over 24hrs - 12,8 knots
Distance in 24hrs - 306,7 nm