Annapolis to Newport - Prize list work begins

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With all boats finished or accounted for, the Annapolis to Newport race committee has turned to working out the prize list. The class and fleet trophies are obvious from the posted results, but there are also a series of competitions within the race, such as the Yacht Club Team Challenge, the Chelsea Clock Seafarer Trophy and the Service Academy trophies. There were 10 three boat teams representing their home yacht club. The winner is decided by adding the three class finishes, normalized for class size. The winner is New York Yacht Club represented by Cygnette, William Mayer; Jacqueline IV, Robert Foreman and Privateer, Ron O’Hanley. Belle Aurore and Actaea are used to competing against each other. Off the race course they are good friends. In the 2012 Newport-Bermuda race Belle Aurore beat Actaea and Actaea returned the favor by beating Belle Aurore in this race. They finished one, two in the PHRF Division Seafarer competition. The winner is Belle Aurore, Doug Jurrius. In the IRC Division the winner is Vamp, Leonard Sitar. The Service Academy boats compete for a set of trophies. Some of the boats raced in the IRC Division, some in the PHRF Division. They were rescored using PHRF ratings for all of the boats. Flirt, one of the older of the two Navy 44’s sailing, won the trophies. The skipper was Jonathan Driesslein, navigator, Nick Tucker.