America's Cup- Crowds grow as word spreads about ETNZ's talent

ETNZ accelerates out of a gybe. - America's Cup
America's Cup: Even as we witnessed yet another in the long series of single-boat by-races as Artemis, the scheduled opponent, remains in her hangar, still preparing their boat for their first race, the shore-side crowds of spectators are growing. The spectacle that Team Emirates New Zealand is providing, even when all by herself on the Louis Vuitton Cup course, is simply amazing.

So far, no other team, either the challengers or the defender, have perfected - or in some cases, even attempted - the foil-to-foil gybes that ETNZ does so seemingly effortlessly. Only once during today's race - Thursday July 18 - did ETNZ drop her hulls into the water during a gybe. They recovered immediately from that one small error and got right back up on her foils, and blasted to the next mark.

For those keeping track of the photo locations, these photos from Sail-World's Chuck Lantz were shot from the race deck at the St. Francis YC, which is located a few hundred feet West of the defending Golden Gate YC. Views such as these can be found on either side of both clubs, and will be accessible to spectators, free of charge, throughout the LVC and AC events.

ETNZ hits the finish line as spectators watch from the spit near the Golden Gate YC. - America's Cup

As ETNZ settles-in, the photographers on the media boat burn some pixels. - America's Cup

ETNZ shifts from one set of daggerboard and rudder foils to the other during a gybe. - America's Cup

ETNZ crew - cool, calm and collected during the gybe. - America's Cup

ETNZ, looking fast and efficient. - America's Cup

ETNZ begins the first manuever of their gybe sequence. - America's Cup

ETNZ blasts towards the St. Francis yacht club and the first mark. - America's Cup

Prada practicing while ETNZ heads to the start of their by-match race. - America's Cup

ETNZ gybing under the watchful eyes of one of their chase boats. - America's Cup