America's Cup World Series- Full commentary videos - Plymouth, 2011

America’s Cup World Series - Day 6, 17 September 2011

Below are the links to Youtube America's Cup channel for the full race commentary videos for the America' Cup World Series sailed in Plymouth.

Includes the Day 7 Extended Highlights video from Plymouth (unblocked)

For New Zealand viewers the daily full commentaries will be blocked for a period of seven days, due to an arrangement between America's Cup Event Authority and Television NZ for which neither party will admit responsibility. Each points to the other. We're tired of dealing with them, and frankly it is not our problem if they wish to treat their fans and viewers in this way. All sailing websites accessed by New Zealand based viewers, showing live or fully commentated coverage will also be blocked by ACEA/TVNZ.

Sail-World's use of Youtube is in accordance with the standard Youtube terms and conditions and is a specifically permitted use under those conditions.

The videos below will be made available as they progressively become unblocked by America's Cup Event Authority

ACWS - Crashing Sunday - Plymouth

Day 1: Fleet Racing and Speed Trial

Day 2: Fleet racing and Speed Trial

Day 3:Match racing seedings

Day 4:Match racing

Day 5:Match racing

Day 6:Match racing Finals

Day 7: Fleet racing Final

ACWS, Plymouth Day 7 Extended Highlights (but not the full commentary)