America´s Cup 2013 - Race 2 - another win to the Kiwis

07/09/2013 - San Francisco (USA,CA) - 34th America’s Cup - Oracle vs ETNZ; Day 1 Racing
America´s Cup 2013 - Race 2 - Oracle first into the start box, a little later than should have. Spithill went for penalty in the prestart, it was very very close, but there was no contact between the boats so Spithill did not get it and lost control of the start.

Both boats slow just before the start. Emirates first to accelerate, wins start and the very short upwind leg, first to the top mark by two seconds.

Oracle foil gybes first. The Kiwis are blocking every move from the American boat. About three lengths ahead at the bottom mark, seven seconds ahead.

Emirates Team New Zealand stretching up the work, but covering every move from Oracle USA.

Boat speeds are very similar, but the Kiwis were outsailing their rivals and as expected gaining in the corners.

Certainly they making gains on every tack and covered every move.

With passing lanes covered Team New Zealand kept extending. Oracle Team USA 46 seconds behind at the top mark for the second time.

All Oracle USA could do was follow down to the finish. The delta was an awful 52 seconds.

Heads down on the American boat. Down two zip on the water and down two zip off the water because of the AC45 Kingpost saga, four zip in summary.

Race 2 Performance Data

Course: 5 Legs/10.11 nautical miles
Elapsed Time: ETNZ – 22:46, OTUSA – 23:38
Delta: ETNZ +:52
Total distance sailed: ETNZ – 11.3 NM, OTUSA – 11.3 NM
Average Speed: ETNZ – 30.12 knots (35 mph), OTUSA – 28.92 knots (33 mph)
Top Speed: ETNZ – 46 knots (53 mph), OTUSA – 42.87 knots (49 mph)
Windspeed: Average – 16 knots, Peak – 21 knots

07/09/2013 - San Francisco (USA,CA) - 34th America's Cup - Oracle vs ETNZ; Day 1 Racing

07/09/2013 - San Francisco (USA,CA) - 34th America's Cup - Oracle vs ETNZ; Day 1 Racing

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