America's Cup- The Next Step for Valencia

Alinghi Base in Valencia
MCC McCamp

After presenting the results of the 32nd edition of the Americas Cup, there apparently now hangs a considerable element of doubt as to whether the 33rd edition will be held in Valencia.

Gerardo Camps, the Conseller for the Economy stated yesterday that there does exist the possibility of withdrawing from the contract, but not altering it, but that any changes that take place should be agreed between the Valencian Government, Valencia Town Hall and the Madrid Government.

In this way, if Americas Cup Management decides to break the contract, then it must refund the Spanish side all the money paid thus far. However, Mr Camps added that the contract for the moment remains in force, and even if Alinghi decides not to stage the 33rd edition in Valencia and wait for the 34th, then this would also mean a fuller competition and a better competitive system, according to Mr Camps

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