America's Cup- Oracle Team USA and Artemis practicing Wednesday

Artemis up on their foils. - America's Cup
Both Oracle boats and Artemis spent their July 31, PST Reserve Day to get in some practice runs on the San Francisco bay LVC course.

Oracle One and Two sparred together, while Artemis Racing made a few solo runs.

Oracle dives in - America's Cup

Artemis in the foreground. Oracle 1 and 2 in the backgound. Al Capone's former home in the far background. - America's Cup

Both Oracles practicing starts. - America's Cup

Oracle 1 and 2, with the hills of Marin County in the background - America's Cup

Team Artemis - America's Cup

Team Artemis - America's Cup

Oracle Team USA - America’s Cup

Oracle sets up for a gybe - America's Cup

Oracle, fast and stable - America's Cup

Oracle getting the gas on as they lift onto their foils in a downhill run. - America's Cup

Oracle up on their foils, with the San Francisco YC in the background. (The SFYC is in Marin. Go figure) - America's Cup