America's Cup- AC45 up close

Side view - AC45 Launch

With the AC45 rigged and out of the water, last Tuesday, and then launched in calm conditions at the Viaduct Harbour, Sail-World took the opportunity to get some close up shots of the AC45 and gear.

Wingsail controls - AC45 Launch

Deck layout - AC45 Launch

GPS and alarms box - the forestay and backstays carry strain gauges - AC45 Launch

Wingsail control detail - AC45 Launch

Ashore - AC45 Launch

End of crossbeam detail - AC45 Launch

Wingsail control - AC45 Launch

Stern layout view - AC45 Launch

Deck gear and layout - AC45 Launch

Bow on the AC 45 is narrower than expected - AC45 Launch

Stern section - showing opening for rudder box - AC45 Launch

DSC00036 edited-1 - AC45 launch - Day 2

Rudder box (while afloat, with two drain holes at the forward end). - AC45 Launch