Alfreds II -Laser World's start boat returns home

Laser committee boat aground
It did not take much for the 'Alfred's II' to break its mooring and come to lay to rest at Terrigal's 'The Haven' on Monday evening, but it has been a massive job to get what was to be the Laser World's start boat back to dry dock.

Over 35 hours have passed since the incident, but it was all go at The Haven this morning, a Caterpillar digger, Waters Crane Services from Gosford and Mark Anderson's Boat Transport Specialist semi-trailer all involved in the exercise to return the 32ft half cabin boat to the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

An insurance assessor has already been to the scene and an employee from the RPAYC has also been in attendance.

Originally, a Laser sailing coach spotted the boat lying on its side on the beach and notified the World's event management. Max Ryan, a sailor of note and member of the start boat crew was first on the scene, followed by rescue authorities and police.

At 9.30am this morning, a crew had gently lowered the vessel onto Anderson's truck and were making sure the boat was secured properly before heading home.

The propeller is bent and had pushed up through the hull, leaving a hole. A piece of carpet is poking through a hole on the forward port side and bits have chipped away from the keel - and that's just what an untrained eye picks up.

During his speech at last evening's Laser World Championship Opening Ceremony, Gosford Sailing Club president Vardon Brown said: 'Our thoughts are with the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club. They kindly loaned us a boat and what has happened is terrible.'

A Good Samaritan from the host venue, Gosford Sailing Club, has made his comfortable catamaran available and that is what will be used today for the Laser World's Practice Race starting from 2.30pm. The weather looks kinder too; the sun is out for the first time in days, expected rain nowhere in sight as yet, and a light breeze is blowing.