ABYC Memorial Day Regatta - Day 1

Cy Thompson of St. Thomas YC in US Virgin Islands (l.) passes ABYC's Chris Raab - ABYC Memorial Day Regatta 2014
Rich Roberts
Some said that Alamitos Bay Yacht Club's annual Memorial Day Regatta this weekend looked like a preview of the Laser class North American Championships coming up June 12-15.

Pray that didn't mean the weather conditions.

There were more Lasers (26) and Laser Radials (29) entered than all of the other classes combined, all struggling around the outside and inside race courses in uncustomary gasps of air from 1.5 to 4.5 knots from the south and southwest. It didn't stop the racing, but it made for a long afternoon.

Erik Bowers, a Laser sailor from Minnetonka, Minn., who leads his fleet with a first, fourth and third after three of seven scheduled races, said that after he won the first race 'I looked at my watch. I finished in 68 minutes … the longest race I've done in awhile.'

But he wasn't complaining that the race---twice around a windward-leeward course for a total distance of more than three miles---wasn't declared finished after only one of two laps.

Chris Barnard tacks his Laser at windward mark in light wind - ABYC Memorial Day Regatta 2014
Rich Roberts

'It was perfect for me,' Bowers said. 'Chris Barnard was leading and I passed him on the second downwind leg.'

That led to first place, followed by a fourth and a third for eight points---two ahead of ABYC's versatile veteran, Chris Raab (six - three - one, ten), and a three-way tie at 12 among Barnard, Richard Didham of San Diego YC and Andrew Lewis of the Trinidad and Tabago Sailing Association.

Bowers, 24, is the third-ranking Laser sailor with the US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider Olympic program, behind Charlie Buckingham, who isn't competing, and Barnard---all training to represent the U.S. at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016.

At six - three and 180 pounds, he is taller than most rivals but notes, 'I get a lot of leverage.'

Peter Connally of Newport Harbor YC turns his Finn upwind - ABYC Memorial Day Regatta 2014
Rich Roberts

He also has heard the reports about Rio's unsavory sailing conditions, which would make even Long Beach's atypical Saturday absence of decent breeze seem like paradise.

'I was there in January,' he said. 'Some of the ranting on it is hyperbole. The water is dirty, but if you don't get soaked and you don't have any sore spots that might get infected you'd probably be OK. It doesn't smell good, but when it's time to race no one is going to boycott it.'

Kiteboards were scheduled to race only on Saturday but never got airborne.

ABYC Commodore Jennifer Kuritz (r.) leads Cal 20s and Lasers downwind in Memorial Day Regatta - ABYC Memorial Day Regatta 2014
Rich Roberts

The event is the first of ABYC's traditional holiday regattas for small boats from San Diego to San Francisco and beyond, to be followed by the Fourth of July Regatta in early summer, preceding the Labor Day Regatta in September and Turkey Day for Thanksgiving in November.

Racing is scheduled to start at noon Sunday, conditions permitting. The larger classes are racing outside in Long Beach Harbor; the dinghies are racing inside on Alamitos Bay.

Jonathan Cressy of Balboa YC goes for pin end of the start line - ABYC Memorial Day Regatta 2014
Rich Roberts

Class leaders

Ocean classes:
(After 3 of 7 races; one discard after five races)

Laser Full (26 boats)—Erik Bowers, Minnetonka YC, Minn., 1-4-3, 8 points

Laser Radial (29)—Keith Davids, Mission Bay YC, 1-1-1, 3.

Cal 20 (4)---Jennifer Kuritz/John Ellis, ABYC, 1-1-1, 3.

Finn (4)---Peter Connally, Newport Harbor YC, 1-3-2, 6.

Coronado 15 (3)---Karyn Jones/Stine Cacavas, South Coast Corinthian YC, 2-2-1, 5.

Bay classes:

Lido 14 A (14)—Stu Robertson, Mission Bay YC, (3)-1-3-1-1, 6.

Sabot Senior (5)—Fred Stevens, ABYC, 3-1, 4.

Sabot A (2)---Jake Marlo, Newport Harbor YC, 1-1-1-1, 4

Sabot C1 (8)---Michael Gaffney, no club, 1-1-3-6, 6.

Sabot C2 (2)— Nathan Sih, ABYC, 1-1-1, 3.

Sabot C3 (5)—Thomas Dobson, ABYC, 2-1-3-1, 7.

2014 Memorial Day Regatta Complete Results: Cal 20 Fleet
1stCal 20238Jennifer KuritzSteve Kuritz/John EllisAlamitos Bay YC 11133
2ndCal 20101Cathy Black-SmithTodd SmithAlamitos Bay YC 225 DNC99
3rdCal 20571Michael SchoettleWill SchoettleAlamitos Bay YC 35 DNC5 DNC1313
4thCal 20555Patty Nash/Mark Barnard Alamitos Bay YC 5 DNC5 DNC5 DNC1515

C-15 Fleet
1stC-153658Karyn JonesStine CacavasSouth Coast Corinthian YC 22155
2ndC-153627Vincent PaternosterJim AchSouth Coast Corinthian YC 31266
3rdC-153067John RichardsonMark BrazilSouth Coast Corinthian YC 13377

Finn Fleet
1stFinn1214Peter Connally Newport Harbor YC 13266
2ndFinn4Henry Sprague   5 DNC2188
3rdFinn28Phil Toth MYC 5 DNC1399
4thFinn28Jared Gargano Alamitos Bay YC 5 DNC45 DNC1414
Kiteboard Fleet
1stKiteboard22Nico Landauer San Diego YC 00
1stKiteboardYellow 8Ty Reed San Diego YC 00
1stKiteboard26Gabor Vagi   00
1stKiteboard9Kris Souther   00
1stKiteboardGrey 62Artie Means San Diego YC 00
1stKiteboard12Zac Maxfield   00
Laser Full (Ocean) Fleet
1stLaser Full (Ocean)11Erik Bowers MYC 14388
2ndLaser Full (Ocean)204391Chris Raab ABYC/NHYC 6311010
3rdLaser Full (Ocean)194180Chris Barnard ABYC/NHYC 3181212
4thLaser Full (Ocean)187393Richard Didham San Diego YC 8221212
5thLaser Full (Ocean)184116Andrew Lewis TTSA 2641212
6thLaser Full (Ocean)204048Cy Thompson St Thomas YC 5551515
7thLaser Full (Ocean)204231Dave Leuck Mission Bay YC 41162121
8thLaser Full (Ocean)166141Philip Thompson Newport Harbor YC 9772323
9thLaser Full (Ocean)181790Charlie Heatherly Westlake YC 78142929
10thLaser Full (Ocean)198693Steven Leuck Mission Bay YC 139113333
11thLaser Full (Ocean)1Peter Neal King Harbor YC 121293333
12thLaser Full (Ocean)200191Matthew Long SBYC / CBYC 2013104343
13thLaser Full (Ocean)198697Chuck Tripp Alamitos Bay YC 1414154343
14thLaser Full (Ocean)198659Vann Wilson Alamitos Bay YC 1115214747
15thLaser Full (Ocean)183844Jonathan Cressy Balboa YC 1917124848
16thLaser Full (Ocean)197032Ed Feo Alamitos Bay YC 1818134949
17thLaser Full (Ocean)196108Jorge Suarez Alamitos Bay YC 1020205050
18thLaser Full (Ocean)187366Peter Drasnin California YC 1616185050
19thLaser Full (Ocean)187388Jay Golison Alamitos Bay YC 151027 DNC5252
20thLaser Full (Ocean)195607Terence Gallagher UCLA 1719195555
21stLaser Full (Ocean)206086Douglas Seeman Mission Bay YC 2121165858
22ndLaser Full (Ocean)177226Dirk Hacker US Sailing 2322176262
23rdLaser Full (Ocean)139001David Hughes Alamitos Bay YC 2224226868
24thLaser Full (Ocean)206574Rob Lyddon Alamitos Bay YC 2423237070
25thLaser Full (Ocean)200172Kris Hublitz Dana Point YC 27 DNC27 DNC27 DNC8181
25thLaser Full (Ocean)198056Andro Korlaet California YC 27 DNC27 DNC27 DNC8181
Laser Radial (Ocean) Fleet
1stLaser Radial (Ocean)189794Keith Davids Mission Bay YC 11133
2ndLaser Radial (Ocean)199544Paul Didham SDYC/MBYC 33288
3rdLaser Radial (Ocean)190468Lawson Willard SFYC/StFYC 6831717
4thLaser Radial (Ocean)204389Cole Baker Mission Bay YC 4681818
5thLaser Radial (Ocean)189739Lindsey Baab SFYC/StFYC 21161919
6thLaser Radial (Ocean)167343Cameron Feves Cabrillo Beach YC 15242121
7thLaser Radial (Ocean)195953Joseph Hou ABYC/NHYC 9952323
8thLaser Radial (Ocean)151771Jessica McJones California YC 13472424
9thLaser Radial (Ocean)185939Steven Hopkins Alamitos Bay YC 810112929
10thLaser Radial (Ocean)166148Bradley Clinton Alamitos Bay YC 165103131
11thLaser Radial (Ocean)200191Sawyer Gibbs Alamitos Bay YC 514133232
12thLaser Radial (Ocean)183830Patrick Shannon Newport Harbor YC 127163535
13thLaser Radial (Ocean)1Jack Hogan California YC 171694242
14thLaser Radial (Ocean)174289Caden Scheiblauer BYC/SBYC 1015174242
15thLaser Radial (Ocean)198694Sanjai Kohli ABYC/CYC 722144343
16thLaser Radial (Ocean)187336Ryan Schack Alamitos Bay YC 1117154343
17thLaser Radial (Ocean)3Trent Turigliatto ABYC/LBYC 1918124949
18thLaser Radial (Ocean)100644Alexis Miller Newport Harbor YC 2113205454
19thLaser Radial (Ocean)144418Julia Rychlik Dana Point YC 1421195454
20thLaser Radial (Ocean)166035Ian Markowitz Alamitos Bay YC 2019185757
21stLaser Radial (Ocean)197989Sumeet Patel Alamitos Bay YC 30 OCS12216363
22ndLaser Radial (Ocean)147394Alan Peoples Alamitos Bay YC 1823226363
23rdLaser Radial (Ocean)177289Drea Keswater King Harbor YC 2220246666
24thLaser Radial (Ocean)153021Britton Hammock Balboa YC 2324237070
25thLaser Radial (Ocean)185935Cooper Weitz CYC/ABYC 30 DNC30 DNC30 DNC9090
25thLaser Radial (Ocean)196855Wills Johnson Newport Harbor YC 30 DNC30 DNC30 DNC9090
25thLaser Radial (Ocean)15445Lukas Kraak Cabrillo Beach YC 30 DNC30 DNC30 DNC9090
25thLaser Radial (Ocean)148990Robert Enrico Alamitos Bay YC 30 DNC30 DNC30 DNC9090
25thLaser Radial (Ocean)184588Paul Vermazen San Diego YC 30 DNC30 DNC30 DNC9090
Lido 14 A Fleet
1stLido 14 A2511Stuart Robertson Mission Bay YC (3)131196
2ndLido 14 A2665Bruce GolisonDina CorsiAlamitos Bay YC 2223(4)139
3rdLido 14 A4756Kathryn ReedCynthia HeavrinAlamitos Bay YC 7312(8)2113
4thLido 14 A3883Kevin ThomasAmanda WayneAlamitos Bay YC 17(11)522615
5thLido 14 A4339John GreshamHelen BurdettAlamitos Bay YC 444(9)72819
6thLido 14 A4706Kevin KirkSusannah KirkLong Beach YC 5666(10)3323
7thLido 14 A6337Charles SmithJoanna Warren SmithSouth Coast Corinthian YC 9(15 DNC)8433924
8thLido 14 A39LittlejonnShelli HockeyLSC 8597(15 RAF)4429
9thLido 14 A5086Jeff MerrillPam MerrillAlamitos Bay YC 61010(12)54331
10thLido 14 A4827Gabe FerramolaMelody WongAlamitos Bay YC 1187(13)64532
11thLido 14 A6276Kimberley AdamDaniel McBreartyAlamitos Bay YC (12)958114533
12thLido 14 A5011Bill MooreDavid McDanielsAlamitos Bay YC 1011(12)1195341
13thLido 14 A5115Robert WrightBob AndersonAlamitos Bay YC 13(15 DNC)1310126348
14thLido 14 A3166Butch MichelJulia jaynesS.S.C. (15 DNC)15 DNC15 DNC15 DNC15 DNC7560
Lido 14 B Fleet
1stLido 14 B4029Tracy ConnSarah SimpsonAlamitos Bay YC 11(3)1174
2ndLido 14 B872Nathan Dalleska Alamitos Bay YC 2(4)142139
3rdLido 14 B4537Stephen MuellerNicholas MuellerAlamitos Bay YC 3223(7 DNC)1710
4thLido 14 B4963Jim DruryBruce WassonAlamitos Bay YC 43(6)231812
5thLido 14 B3532Angie TaborCherie MoulinAlamitos Bay YC 5(6)4642519
6thLido 14 B6125Steve ColeMelinda HowellAlamitos Bay YC (6)55552620
Open Bic Fleet
1stOpen Bic3647Erik Hou Newport Harbor YC 111144
2ndOpen Bic11Max Rosenblad Alamitos Bay YC 223 DNC3 DNC1010
Sabot A Fleet
1stSabot A9016Jake Marlo Newport Harbor YC 111144
2ndSabot A9151Brett Peoples Alamitos Bay YC 222288
Sabot C1 Fleet
1stSabot C19152Micheal Gaffney   113166
2ndSabot C110132Roxy Snyder Alamitos Bay YC 23171313
3rdSabot C19259Jack Flores Newport Harbor YC 35421414
4thSabot C18963Hailey Thompson Alamitos Bay YC 44241414
5thSabot C18821Ian Wells   52551717
6thSabot C17604Christina Van Dyke LBYC/ABYC 88632525
7thSabot C19306Isabelle Meegan Balboa YC 76862727
8thSabot C19000Kyle Van Lant Long Beach YC 67782828
Sabot C2 Fleet
1stSabot C28650Nathan Sih Alamitos Bay YC 11133
2ndSabot C29327Mason Kaplan Long Beach YC 3 DNC3 DNC3 DNC99
Sabot C3 Fleet
1stSabot C35802Thomas Dobson Alamitos Bay YC 213177
2ndSabot C38260Karina Stropky Alamitos Bay YC 14251212
3rdSabot C38189Adam Rosales Alamitos Bay YC 42521313
4thSabot C39887Charley Snyder Alamitos Bay YC 33441414
5thSabot C310108William Mueller Long Beach YC 6 DNC5131515
Sabot Senior Fleet
1stSabot Senior9494Fred Stevens Alamitos Bay YC 3144
2ndSabot Senior9574Kathy Weishampel Alamitos Bay YC 2355
3rdSabot Senior8553Jerry Thompson Alamitos Bay YC 4266
4thSabot Senior10311Mandi Smith Alamitos Bay YC 16 DNC77
5thSabot Senior8893Mary Riddick Alamitos Bay YC 5499