A busy weekend on San Francisco Bay

Yankee-001 - A Very Busy Weekend On SF Bay
October 15th, midway through the 10th month of the year and San Francisco Bay could not have been more active.

With 11 regattas on the YRA Schedule including several major events, the last major gasp of the summer, provided great racing and nice cruising for all who could pull themselves away from college football.

On the City Front The StFYC was hosting the Master Mariners Jessica Cup, featuring classics of yesteryear, the Paige/Logan (Mercury and Stars) as well as Abert T Simpson regatta for Etchells, Express 27s and J-22s. The SFYC was holding it's annual Fall Classic with IOD's, Folkboats, Knarrs, Bears and Alerion 28's over on the Knox Course.

The Berkeley Yacht Club was host to three events, The annual Champions of Champions, aka 'Yankee Cup' as well as their own Octoberfest race and the start of the SSS's Vallejo1-2 race from the Circle to where else, Vallejo, then back on Sunday.

The South Beach Yacht Club hosted B.A.A.D's Herb Meyer Regatta in McCovey Cove featuring Liberty and access dinghy's.

The Herb Meyer regatta held in the shadow of AT&T Park features Liberty and Access dinghies, enabling even the most severely handicapped the joy of sailing under their own control.

We'll post more and results in the West Coast section of our forums page as time permits! If you have some tales to tell, personal insights, or just want to pile on the Cal 20, do it here.