A brilliant first day for the Pre-Worlds/Australian Championships

The sun shone all afternoon in Brighton and the breeze built from 10 – 15 knots SW. On the water, the ambience was also dazzling. The skippers were quite relaxed but at the same time excited about testing their challenges. So much money and time invested and this is finally the time to fight for positive results.
According to John Cobb, the yacht Commodore, the staff has been working on this event for a couple of years and they’re very proud to count on the work of 70 volunteers. 'The 505 is special for being one of the highest performance boats and they are all the exactly same at this race, so the one that wins has proved to be the more skilled crew', he says.
Sandy Higgings is one of South Australians best hopes, and all his practicing and passion for sailing helped getting his family involved. His other half, Gillian said that some of their best family moments are enjoyed sailing. His son’s first word was 'boat'. How passionate could that be?
I was amazed how fast those little 505s could go. Almost flying and making the race really impressive. It’s safe, healthy, thrilling and beautiful. After seeing my first 505 race and watching the life of these sailors closely, I feel that it’s impossible not to love this sport!