90,000+ Boats for Sale on Sail-World

Sail-World YachtWorld
Sail-World, the large largest sailing news network in the world has partnered with Yachtworld, the largest online boating inventory in the world. Now its just a click on Sail-World to this giant inventory (top right hand corner) or www.sail-world.com/yachtworld.cfm

In case it's escaped your notice, there is a Boat Show in town. Just about every player will be in Darling Harbour, so if you are not in Sydney but thinking of buying a boat jump on a plane now. If you are in Sydney, you have NO excuse, just be there at the Sydney International Boat Show.

There's a flurry of new product releases; Australian built boats and imports.

We will leave you to run your eye down the list.

Now hand on heart promise you will visit the Strictly Sailing Stage in the Sailing Pavilion (Hall 5) time table below.