82nd Stonehaven Cup for 12 Foot Cadet dinghy at King Island

Big swells didn't deter the crews of this little "Ocean Racing Dinghy!" - Stonehaven Cup
Michelle Philbey
The 12 Foot Cadet Dinghy 82nd Stonehaven Cup regatta was sailed on Grassy Harbour in King Island from January 3rd to 10th .

Forty two teenagers from Royal Brighton YC, Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron, Largs Bay YC and King Island Boat Club competed in this year’s annual regatta hosted by KIBC. Each boat is sailed by a skipper, main-hand and forward hand with a mix of boys and girls with ages ranging from 12 to 18.

The crews faced a wide range of challenging and competitive conditions that typically only Bass Strait can serve up, but the exciting New Generation 12 Foot Cadet Dinghy and the well trained crews handled the conditions with true seamanship which showed even the local fishermen some impressive boat handling skills. The regatta result was determined by the result of the last race of the regatta and the final points tally shows how close the racing really was. The eventual winner Bryce Haneveer complimented his fellow sailors during his acceptance speech on 'a great regatta with good, clean, tight racing'. Well done Bryce and his crew.

The 12 Foot Cadet is seeing a resurgence of interest at clubs like RBYC where the unique properties of the Cadet dinghy and the youth sailing program built around it is very appealing to the young sailors and their parents. The program uses a mentoring based instruction system which means that each boat has a mix of experience onboard also providing the experienced skippers leadership and team development skills. These skills are recognised pre-requisites for sailing in many other classes from 18’ skiffs to keel boats.

RBYC is a Yachting Australia accredited training centre and under the guidance of accredited trainers, the Cadets at RBYC race and train from August to April each year. The first half of the season focuses on getting back onto the water with basic training and Stonehaven Cup preparation, and the second half focuses on basic and advanced training, crewing and seamanship. The teenagers also learn about how to look after the club supplied boats with an instructor guided maintenance period in May. They have fun, make friends and challenge themselves.

It wasn't all hard work, one day the sailing was a dream come true. - Stonehaven Cup
Michelle Philbey


82nd. Stonehaven Cup

1st place - 185 Tasmania 1 (KIBC) skippered by Bryce Haneveer, crewed by
Llewyn Philbey and Ryan Philbey on 18 points.

2nd place - 171 Mach III (RBYC) - Skippered by Cameron Ekins, crewed
by Angus Cooper and Stephanie Hannington on 20 points.

3rd place - 182 Jock Sturrock (RBYC) skippered by Jeremy Nolan, crewed
by Nick Smith and Muirin Healy on 21 points.

4th place – 184 Kittiwake IV (RBYC) – Teirnan Lacy, Matthew Parolini and Maia Hester on 23 points.

5th place – 186 Dorothy Linacre (RBYC) – Angus Roney, Rebekah Raven and Mar Borboa on 27 points.

6th place = 187 Cry Havoc (RBYC) – Nick Roney, Christine Raven and Cliodhna Healy on 29 points.

7th place – 170 Bucccaneer II (Largs Bay YC) – Chester Armstrong, Sean Davey and Sean Young on 37 points.

8th place – 162 Aussie II (KIBC) – Dylan Youd, Leigh Sartori and Patrick Johnson on 37 points.

9th place – 175 John Nielson (RBYC) – George Walch, Pablo Borboa and Hilary Ekins on 43 points

10th place – 155 Little Leura (Largs Bay YC) – Lucas Valeta, Tia Keirney and Louise Armstrong on 51 points.

The regatta was a one of the best run events and a credit to the huge effort expended by the whole community of King Island. A resounding ‘thank you’ from all the 'main-landers' who visited KI.

In Jan 2012 the 83rd Stonehaven Cup will return to Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron in Melbourne (St Kilda). No doubt the teams will be back on the water as soon as possible to start preparations for the next Stonehaven.

Cadets sail at RBYC every Sunday starting at 8:30. New teenagers are always welcome, for enquires call Ray Smith 0418 391 324. Any club interested in learning about the youth sailing program at RBYC and in particular the Cadet dinghy may also contact Ray.

At the head of the fleet, 182, "Jock Sturrock" - perfect sail set for the light conditions on day three - Stonehaven Cup
Michelle Philbey