470 Worlds - pictures

Double speed
One of the great delights of a visit to Australia is the clean air. I know an Australian yachting photographer who teases me relentlessly about the images I shoot in Asia. 'Wow! That's impressive!' he says (occasionally) 'I didn't know you could shoot in sunshine'. Sad but true. Almost all the images I shot of the China Coast Cup in 1993 look better than the ones I shot in 2008 - because the air was so much cleaner.

Here are a few extra images from the medal races at the 470 Worlds at Mordialloc, Melbourne. Shot in clean air.

Can't go any faster...

No room for error

AUS bottom mark

How flat can you hike?

GBR on the beat

Dinghy park, Mordialloc Sailing Club. Blue sky. Breeze. wonderful